Selamat Jalan

Just came back from the Airport, sending some friends (and many more acquaitances) to Tapioca Island for their training. Some of them are OOCs to, hopefully they get better treatment than our OOCs there, and know how to enjoy their life there like I did. Sometimes 命是自己换来的, you need to figure you own way out, such that you get maximum enjoyment, minimum work, yet people don't despise you because you are actually getting enjoyment by doing work.

Confusing right.
Okay, I give you example:

I volunteer to load food onto vehicle. Loading food, is quite a difficult job, because it's like da-bao 200 boxes of food, and three times a day some more. But I always volunteer to do it. Why? Because you will be on the roads most of the time. And you can "detour" to somewhere else heh heh heh.

Some people think that it is unfair that A does work but B doesn't do work. Actually, everything in this world is fair and balanced. Citing the above example, I am carrying all those food, a bit the heavy lah huh. You guys might be out there doing nothing. But because I do work, my Sir/Encik say I good, and maybe I get the chance to detour to 7-eleven to get Watermelon Milk, isn't it worth it?

Never mind lah not important. Digressed a bit.

朋友讲义气嘛,moreover 认识酱久了,当然要送行以下啦……

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