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À la recherche du temps perdu

I'm in search of lost time.
Perhaps if the wheel of time can gostan, I might have taken another path.

Anyway Chingay, was as usual, raining, I had to strip half naked and tie the makeshift plastic curtains to make sure rain doesn't come into the tentage.

Which made me feel like a rel soldier.

I don't think I am gonna wear all those heavy gear if a real war really comes. Maybe I will just wear a jockey cap, a T-shirt, long pants with boots, a rifle, and there I go to shoot the enemy.

Comfortable soldiers win easier battles what.


The population of participants just grows everyday. And there is this group of Sec 1 kids who are made to join us this year hahahaha. Kids are always easy to coerce. And finally I realise what people mean when they girls mature earlier than boys. Sec 1 boys are just like, throwing bottle caps at each other and shooting rubber bands. Hahahahahaha.

Played this game of "Scissors Paper Stone and then slap the loser's hand" game with…

旭日如金当勤奋 年华似水务惜春

This week.........

16km Route March.
Another 2.4km run.
Nights out.
Setting up of Antennas.
Massive gossip and bitching sessions.

Boring Life right.

Anyway, even this guy created a Facebook for himself hahahaha:




Today Chingay was alright.
Weather was good, no rain.
Of course lah it was a little hot today. But then again, complain rain then complain hot.... Where can like that?!

Then after it ended I took a little stroll along the Raffles Ave to Raffles Quay. Seriously I haven't been the Helix Bridge before :(

 Looking at the skyscrapers just make me feel so proud to be here. 那股使命感会油然而出的!





The past week was just undescribable.

Got damnnit they cancelled our nights-out for trivial crap, like getting low scores for tests and exams. Also not everyone like that right.

Poly students are immature. And unfit too. Wonder what they do in school.

This song sounds cool enough for Chingay, the video is just too disturbing, though. I thought David Rush is some cool guy until I see this, man.




Yeah, it's Chingay again.
In case you haven't realised, my life for these few months will revolve around two things: Army and Chingay.
My life sounds damn boring right. Hahaha.

Yeah, it's kinda monotonous.
But then they are both my commitments. And my pride and pleasure.

Striving to serve and not to yield. Service with Honor. Sounds familiar? Hmm.

Today's Chingay is........ EXTRAORDINARY.
So extraordinary that I have nothing positive to comment about.

Okay lah, I'm not bitching. It's just the stupid rain these few days that dampens people's moods and destroys people's plans. With some "disciplinary work" that some of us have to deal with. I think I will make a good Discipline Master next time, muahahahaha.

Many AAR points learnt today. Should be pretty useful when I do events next time.  :D
(In case you don't know what AAR means, consult any male Singaporean above 18)

Didn't know got so many NJ people take part in Chingay. But hahaha so f…


Playing new arcade games. Reflec Beat. A pretty cool game. Got Full Combo first time I played it. My rhythmic skills isn't bad huh.

This week passed very fast...
Guard Duty on Sunday was awesome lepak session. I slacked the whole day without getting caught. Luck must be damn good.
IPPT Test on Tuesday was cancelled. Stupid Rain. But then again, I wasn't in the mood of doing IPPT at all.

Went to the dentist at night. Dentists sure earns a lot.... Spent about $200 there.... There goes my newly-earned SCT pay.

Spent Thursday at Kranji Dam looking at the waves.
Spend Friday sleeping and eating.

Damn no life right.

That's why, Signals sucked.


Today is a tough day.
Chingay from morning all the way till 7pm.
First time at F1 Pit somemore for me.

Sad thing that I have Army and can't come to events often.
But when I come, I make sure I do 1x good one lah (hopefully hahahaha).

Logistics FTW. Hidden Warriors indeed.

Now it's time for Guard Duty. Whoots.

Masuk Baris

Army Lingo is creative.
Army Lingo is illogical.
Army Lingo is only understood by men, with maybe 1% of females.
And it's definitely Singlish.

Maybe got time then I share about Army Lingo bah.
This week sucks.

Basically what happens after book in on Sunday is:
Interval TrainingStudyingStudyingMore studyingAnd nothing else.

My Nintendo DS is awesome, keeps me awake to play Pokemon Platinum and Mario Bros.
I am procrastinating once more. Heh.


2011年第一张照片,献给 LCP Ng Kimyong,祝他福如东海,寿比南山。HAHAHAHAHA.
It's not what you achieve that matters. It's the intentions you have.

Dah Seratus Tahun.

林觉民 《与妻诀别书》


辛亥三月二十六夜四鼓 意洞手書

How touching. Yeah it's cheem Chinese (if you don't understand just substitute all the 汝s with You and 吾s with Me), but it's damn sentimental to see this guy die at an age of 24 for his people.

3 days after he wrote this letter to his wife, he went to 黄花岗. And never came back. 200 odd days later, the monarchy was overthrown.

And yet those stupid politicians on that pathetic island are scolding their government everyday. Haven't they ever wondered how they get their "freedom of speech", as compared to their pathetic Mainland communist counterparts like us?

Don't take things for granted.