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When a white horse is not a horse


怎么完成它,其实不重要。除非你 screw up,把事情搞砸。

Anyway 刚好今天早上教补习之前有点闲空,在 Starbucks 看报纸,偶然看到了一篇关于《白马论》的论述。

公孙龙说,白马其实不是马。(“白馬非馬”,可乎? 曰:可。)


Not at all common sense, 有点像是在诡辩,但是生活中果然存在着许多名实之间紊乱的局面


I am a pretty boring person actually. My shopping is always done with someone else, and I will only start looking for songs that I have heard before somewhere, or from a singer/band that I know of.

That kinda leaves most English songs out of my league, sadly.

But anyway I'm writing this post because I'm listening to this song called 向日葵盛開的夏天 by F.I.R.
And it brought me to think, that there are songs I keep listening to during a certain period of time in my life.

I started listening to songs since P6. Before that I was a mugger.
(Okay actually all the way till Sec 4 I was a mugger, can.)

My cousin from China brought some 5566 周杰伦 and 蔡依林 albums. I think 盗版 one but hahaha from China, what to do?

Only then I realised that an album would cost you $20. Which is like your weekly allowance?!

Okay so 我 share 一下我以前都一直在听什么样的歌……:

Now: 那些年 by 胡夏 [because the movie was so nice can]
如烟 by 五月天 [because the lyrics is similar to 那些年, and it never repeats. Kudos t…


Thanks to playing Jubeat furiously for the past two years,
got to know plenty of Japanese singers.

Japanese songs offer more depth than the Korean ones.
Korean songs are very funky, very on-the-beat, but it's the kind that you'll get sick of on your MP3 after listening for 6 months.

So this singer (band, actually, one girl one guy) called mihimaru GT. They got 6 albums altogether already.

This song is called 幸せになろう Shiawase ni narou.
Meaning 幸福时刻.
For the most special you.

[Sorry for the poor video quality. A much better one has been taken off for copyright reasons. -_-|| ROARRR]

なにげない日々も 不論是若無其事的日子
つまずきそうな日々も 還是彷若喘不過氣般的日子
信じれる 我都相信
必ず 幸せになろう 我一定能得到幸福

ねぇ、少しだけ聞いて欲しい 吶、希望妳能多少聽一下
例えば一人悲しいとき 好比說當妳一個人難過的時候
必ず 変わらずいつも 我一定會一如往常般的
あなたの傍にいるよ 一直陪伴在妳身旁的

うまく言えないけれど 雖然我沒法很明白表示
頼りない私だけど 雖然我看起來不太可靠
一緒に泣いたり 可我願陪妳一同哭泣
重荷を分かち合いたい 與妳分擔所有的重擔

その頬にキスをしよう 讓我輕吻妳的臉頰
朝が来るまで一緒にいよう 直到清晨到來一直與妳作陪
この唄に愛を隠そう 將我的愛隱藏其中

きっと 悲しいこと 想必 悲傷與歡喜
嬉しいこと 全てある 都將有所體驗
何が大切かわからなくなる 也將逐漸分不清什麼才是重要的
それでも私は 即…

Tamat, bermula.

Chingay has come to an end. It's a really different journey compared to the previous one.
This year we are doing Safety & Security, instead of Logistics like last year.

To be honest, I thought the job at Logistics were better.

The work at PAHQ was.... a bit boring at first.
After all it's all about taking bags, storing bags, waiting for 3 hours, then release the bags.

But I realised it's easier to make friends this way.
At least you get to talk to every participant.
Instead of asking 你要喝水吗 I will ask something like 你bag给我可以吗.
I get to speak two more words than last year. AWESOME.

And I made friends with a lot of trainers this year.
And definitely caught up with a lot of last year Chingay's trainers:

Then we went to each others' house to celebrate 初七......: