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guà ài



菩提萨埵,依般若波罗密多故,心无罣碍;无罣碍故,无有恐怖。Such Hindrance.

降卋 Pengendali Angin Terakhir

It's over. Arts Camp 2015 is over.
Will there be 2016? How about 2017? 2018?


It's the same in society.

Arts Camp takes an extremely special position in my NUS life because it is so different from other orientation camps out there. There is continuity, there is a spirit in it. None of the other camps I have attended has such a strong identity.

I still remember thecheesy postI wrote last year. A year has passed, people come and go, cheers change here and there, my age has increased again, but there was this ONE question, whose answer shall remain a constant:
Who are we, if we have nothing that we keep close to our hearts?
What do we gain, if we do not put in our efforts into what we do?

Dear Bing Le, I know I lupsup. But you took me along anyway. You took on a lot of things that I did not during the camp, and yes you are a little overbearing, which makes my job easier, HAHAHA. …

hentak kaki

It's never too late to start over. If you weren't happy with yesterday, try something different today. Don't stay stuck. Do better.

马来同胞有一句话:Banyak udang banyak garam, banyak orang banyak ragam.

Quoting 《1Q84》,不要被表象迷惑,现实往往只有一个。

The reason why I never get sick of Orientation Camps is because it is a place where you seek the alter ago.

投笔从戎·头必从容 persona terpilih

16 Ways To Identify Someone Who Is “Selectively Social” by Tenzin Woesel

1. You are very frank and loud at home or when you are with your friends but you turn into a timid shy ball when you are with people you hardly know.

2. You are the entertainer in your friends circle but you hate it when your friends expect you to entertain in front of a crowd of strangers.

3. You are very close to just one or two friends among your friends circle. With the rest of the friends in your circle, you are comfortable being you but you are not too close. 

4. There’s an uncertainty when you agree to keep in touch with people. There are days when you want to talk to people yet there are days when you don’t want to talk to anyone.

5. When your friends ask you to join them for an outing, the first thing you ask is; “Who all are going?” and the answer is always, always a BIG influence on your decision.

6. You try your best to avoid having a conversation with people and hence, you stay away as far as you…