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Happened to walk past the neighborhood and saw this getai. 双府庙 落府将军 李夫人 千秋. Whatever that is, some birthday of some god I guess.

Anyway it was a really interesting performance. I sat there for quite some time and got quite engrossed. And even though my Hokkien isn’t that good I can tell that the host is quite pro and the atmosphere was there. The host is 王雷 by the way and he looks like 陈雷. The place was really so crowded.

Then there was this boy who was only 8 years old:

This little boy just completed his SA last week and he is here singing songs like 風真透, saying 代誌係永遠做袂了 薪水攏是嫌不夠. Please lah, how old only sing this kind of songs?

Then got some procession and lion dance. The 乩童 (whatever that is in Hokkien) a bit not exciting lah. No bloody scenes. But the lion dance is damn pro. Especially when three lions dance together. Damn spectacular.
The place is really damn crowded. Then they have some charity auction:

Actually today I saw less than ten people of my age. Most of th…

This gonna be a long long bilingual post

Jolin Tsai had a Autograph session. I seriously wonder what would happen if I had no friends. Luckily I do. Haha. No worries, I am not angry or what! Don’t feel bad for yourself.OK she look like some ghost here. Hehe. Anyway since I happen to be a HARDCORE fan of Jolin I shall comment on her songs. Seriously and critically I think that her 花蝴蝶 album isn’t as good as previous ones. But I always think so for all her albums leh… Nevertheless I shall continue to support her.Her 花蝴蝶 album got 10 songs. I would recommend 花蝴蝶, 愛引力, 妥協, 大丈夫, and 降落傘. Ok lah I suddenly don’t feel posting too much le. Next time ah.


Have been reading this book recently, called “What On Earth Happened?”. It is a very thick book, talking about the history of our Earth. And of course I am only interested in the final sections lah, which is about the stuff in GP, like technology and civil liberty and stuff.My stupid thesis is killin’ me. Gosh 4000 Chinese characters. Can die one lor. Whatever 弃保效应 or 省籍对立 or 本土化, they are gorcing me to take a bazooka to blast off my brains.So I was doing research at Choa Chu Kang library yesterday, a very nice library indeed. Pretty conducive, apart from a few Mats playing cards and making noises like monkeys. Anyway there were a few people using their laptops. Out of curiosity I took a look at what they are doing on their lappies:1. Play game. Some cartoon game, looks a bit like Maple. Don’t know what game lah, but she is like 40 years old already?2. Watch porn. There is shrewd old man hiding in one corner watching “stuff”. Think people cannot see him ah. Behind him is glass leh.3. …


It’s Singapore Arts Festival!Some of the shows are like damn exciting and they are free! There is Monkey Circus show next tuesday at 1pm at Raffles Pl, supported by the embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.Also there is this British fireworks display “Crackers!” at Yishun MRT Open Field on the 13/14th June at 8pm, lasting 45min.A lot of stuff to leave you in awe lah. Go check out www.singaporeartsfest.comAnd anyway I am in mugging mode. Almost completing my holiday chem assignments already. I shall not fail my chem. I target for chem: D. Sounds promising. And I am in a mugging frenzy, so better ignore me when I am online, because I shouldn’t be!OMG. News like this can be classified under “Breaking News” and the our fellow Singaporeans can kick such a big fuss about it. In EXAM-SERIOUS Singapore the TYS is SOUGHT-AFTER and it is claimed to GIVE A GOOD GAUGE of how you will fare during A levels. This is Singapore. Sigh.

Nowhere beats my dear Simei

Where it comes to food, hometown is the best.Where it comes to play, hometown is the best.Where it comes to shopping, hometown is the best.Today I just happened to be back at Simei. Therefore I had my dinner there with my family.The Yong Tau Foo is still the best, and so is the chicken rice. Don’t tell me Tiong Bahru chicken rice is damn good or godlike or whatever; Simei one suits my taste. If I have to die I will die eating and bloat to death.Simei is like so near to almost everywhere lah. A taxi trip to the Airport is only $5. A trip to Pasir Ris Beach never exceeds 30min. A trip to Tampines on foot, where almost everything is, is only 7min if I am jogging. Simei is like so cool lah, there are murals of Yang Guifei everywhere at the void decks too.Bukit Timah sucks lah. After staying for a month here I realise that the things available here is not available for poor people like us. I guess it is time for some poor people to have some “Glorious Revolution” and put in some proletaria…

The Simple Hypothesis

The hostel laundry sucks lah. Even though it is my fault for counting the no. of clothes wrongly they don’t just chuck everything into the bag and leave it to smell for two days right.Now I have no uniform to wear and hence I am thinking that certain lectures I HAVE to pon. Yeah lah, so sad, I MUST pon lessons… *sense the sarcasm.Choa Chu Kang the Lot 1 got a  lot of stuff leh. There is this shop called Lulu something and sells pink, striking bimbo stuff. Haha damn nice sia I like the pattern. Oh gosh I am becoming like Hsiangway le. But pink is nice! Anyway the Ice Jelly at the foodcourt is good. Sweet enough, just that fruits too little le. Since this glutton here loves Ice Jelly I can strike Lot 1 off my “to-eat” list.CCK Library is not bad too. And I found a few useful books for research. Yes, that stupid China Studies thesis again. Regarding “Cross-Straits Relations”. Many people still don’t quite understand the complexity of the problem and just think that Taiwan is an independe…


Another Hari JB coming. Needa post letters you see. Now I realised that Hillcrest Road actually have a very nice Chinese name, called 翠峰路. Sounds very picturesque right. “Jade Peak Road”. If only our trees here have jade, we will be filthy rich!Went to the Rail Mall. This place is kinda cool. A shopping mall split into halves. And it is only one-storey high. And many kampung-like buildings behind it. Really cool, with loads of good restaurants, quite cheap somemore. A pity it doesn’t have an ATM.Well, as usual I need to complain about some things. Singaporeans nowadays need a lot of money is it. How come the ATMs have no money one? If ATM got no money we need the ATM for what… Just because yesterday is a public holiday doesn't mean that the bank can take a day off and no need send people to put money in right? WTH.Never mind. Had a heavy glutton’s meal tonight. Tomorrow shall be in abstinence. Cheers.

So happening.

Singaporeans have bad habits. We have to admit. but it is for us ourselves to describe our own behavior and do the necessary, not for YOU foreign ones to decide.

Anyway Simei is so happening today. There is this Anugerah audition at Eastpoint:

They got a lot of fans lah. The whole place is suddenly fully packed by Malays and as usual the neighboring KFC is damn full lor. Haha.

Finally I tidied up my place. It looks slightly less messier. And I had durians. Damn godlike. I haggle the price from 1 box=$25 to 3 boxes=$10. Damn happy lah! Orchard Road somemore leh. This durian look so fleshy and yellow and creamy and oozing with passion, “Eat me! Eat me!” So since I don’t remember the Boarding School Guidelines saying No Durians Allowed, I shall enjoy and devour every bit of it. Too bad if scholars don’t like it ‘cos ini Singapura!

And I am angry today because I cannot find the CD I want in HMV already. It was still there last last month. =(

I want to buy this Hokkien Compilation lor, an…

Bak chiu pa stamp

My roommate is one hypocrite. Damn horny boy. Walau eh he shown me stuff that make me go IN AWE. Tsktsk… Kids nowadays ah…. Jing naughty lah. Bloody camwhore sia. Basically he is just another me lah, in disguise that’s all. I am the sheep in wolf’s disguise. He is the wolf in sheep’s disguise. And whatever.

Basically, his life is damn screwed lah. According to him they are “Fun”. Well all kids from boys schools are like that lah. Damn pathetic. One gay little shit. And he actually wants me keep him in positive light.

Okay, this comes the positive light:
Drumroll…. Ta-dah!!!

He also know how to point jari hantu one ok! He is one cool little pai-kia with 12 A1s. A non-mugger who happens to be smart. Or maybe smut. Aiyah this guy got weird personality complex lah. Hard to explain. I think he will kena karma. Haha. Damn bad.

Not a bad boy lah. Anyone wants his number just contact me. And I can show you his stuff on the Net. You guys will be amazed and wonder why he isn’t the President of …

Apa cuaca ini?

The weather nowadays kanasai lah. Middle of the night, think 3am, suddenly got “explosion”. Wah the thunder damn loud lah, I thought we having war or something. Took me damn long to go back to sleep.

Then 6am suddenly the fire alarm rang. Even louder, and more irritating. No need sleep liao, now can get pack bag and go school already. What the heck is the school doing. No one actually came out and say anything!

Pantat Mangkuk Kuih Koci

Today went to the badminton match, support badminton girls. Then got this school send a team of almost all China players. Walau eh this is like so unfair lah. I don’t care whether they are scholars or “imports”, but seriously it is damn weird lah. You have a bunch of non-locals representing your school. Does it mean that the locals in your school are like shit, or because the China players are too powerful that the locals are overwhelmed? Anyway these China girls play “funnily” lah, so I am not really bothered. I just cannot tahan their voice and accent.

Saya sekarang perlu mangkuk. Untuk makan supper lah. So hari esok saya akan curi mangkuk besar, kerana sarapan ialah bubur dan roti. Never mind lah nobody will know.

Today dinner also like shit lah. Pork and long beans. I hate pork, and long beans are raw. Kanasai. I really want to complain liao.

And anyway I think the “Bring Your Thermometer” thingy is really too overboard. Life sucks these days.


Today is a good day. I love Mondays. Time to slack and pon lessons. Not bad actually lah, considering how boring NJ is.
Raja seems damn tired today. Like this:

And his head is bobbing around! Darn funny!

Then went on for a match against Nanyang JC. Too bad I didn’t play today. Give J1s a chance to practise their skills. But not bad lah I took some time off the courts to go to the library to prepare my stuff for thesis. Then I saw this bastard boy:

WTF. He actually has the cheek to write a book about himself. And his life struggle. Think he what, Hitler ah? At least Hitler can kaykay jio hero for 10 years. What can Chen A-bian do? Yeah he very smart, from kampung boy receiving government financial assistance to President of ROC. More of being scheming, I guess.

Well anyway, I shall post something to do with my thesis. The topic is 台湾族群意识的变化在多大程度上影响中国政府的对台政策?, meaning “To what extent does the change in socio-ethnological identification affect the policies of the PRC governmen…


I have a mugger roommate. Damn mugger.
Then he says, “F*** you. I am not a mugger. I only study 10 minutes a day lor.”

Come on guys, you believe meh? Like real lor. So many A1s, no study, where can?

I have a lot of food in my cupboard. One good thing about hostel is that I can indulge in all kinds of food I want and no one can make a fuss about it. Limpeh ai chiak si mi, jio chiak si mi.

Today SPA kanasai lah. But not that important lah. And Life 4 Dead is pretty fun, though I am still unfamiliarised with its system and controls.

Dunia ini saya punya?

I am starting to dislike certain people. Don’t ask me why. Just feel like disliking them. Maybe perceptions, maybe not.

And even though the world does not revolve around me, I just like doing whatever I want.

And I really feel uneasy with you guys. Think there is something wrong with me?