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My fifth day in Toronto. A huge blackout. Streetlights no longer worked, the subway is down, and there goes my heating. Yes I didn't bathe that day.
I miss home. This won't happen in Singapore. Or maybe it would,  but the water won't be as cold anyway.
Looks like we've been taking some things for granted. 居安思危, that's how the Chinese put it. Always be prepared for the unexpected. You never know what kind of shit is going to happen, so always be prepared for the worst.
That said, this power outage gave me the perfect opportunity from escapibg from the evil claws of Facebook and Whatsapp. Seriously, give me some peace. Sometimes I really wonder if those who click LIKE on whatever shit I post actually LIKE it. And stop spamming rubbish onto my phone, I am not exactly interested on which chiobu you saw just now and all the work you want to give me (after which you realise, oh no HE IS NOT IN SINGAPORE, when I reminded you last week on the same damn whatsapp convo).