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Once Upon A Time: 曾幾何時

Camp laojiaosimply means that I have attended many camps.
I may have a lot of experience in doing camps, but this Arts Camp gave me not just 5 days of thrill; it's a spirit that probably would last for my lifetime.

I left for Israel for a month after my finals, and I've only met my S1 OGL Chun Aik once for like.... 5 mins? The very next time we met was the night before the camp where I see so many new faces and chant unknown cheers. The Hokkien cheers are really simple but those English ones were simply tongue-twisters to this foreign tongue.

It was kinda awkward at first, I have to admit. All the councillors and OGLs are younger than me and were much more 斯文 than me. I really doubted my ability to be able to mingle with them. Would they judge me because I left Archi? Would they feel that I 倚老卖老 when it comes to bonding and cheering? Would they make me do all the saikang?

It turns out that this team of S1 "seniors" are as fun and chatty as I do. Okay maybe someone is…