pon school....

10 Reasons why people pon school. Too bad I didn't meet any of the requirements. I pon school to mug. Hehheh. :D
Reason 1: The Motherland is not yet united, Taiwan is still lying out there.

Reason 2: Short and sweet--I forgot.

Reason 3: I am sickly.

Reason 4: I've got part-time jobs. I'm moonlighting.

Reason 5: I kena rejected. I feel dejected.

Reason 6: What's uni life without ponning school? :D

Reason 7: I can't find my sock. It must suffering out there in the cold. I ought to find it!

Reason 8: I am talking to Uncle Chew, trying to gain Mana and EXP in 周公online.

Reason 9: Lecturer is a slide reader. Just like NJ teachers. (some lah huh)

Reason 10: School table to hard. I prefer my bed one.
Kids nowadays ah.... Tsktsk SIGHS.

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