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爽要吶喊 不爽更要喊

Okay, found this on a dumb NJ girl’s Tumblr. This girl is dumb because she laughed at my hair in school for a minute….. GRRRR.

It’s so tough trying to find a spot in University. And I am booking in tomorrow already, where to find time!!! I wish I had started preparing all these last month or something, now everything very rushy and I have no confidence at all of getiing a scholarship sia. Having 3Cs on your result slip isn’t a good thing I guess. Now I am thinking of entering the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences in NUS already. Like taking Sociology, Political Science or Communications. Don’t think UK works for me already. Even if I can get in with my results I have no money to do so.

Shall be having Field Camp on Monday. Heard terrorising stuff about Field Camps from everyone already. But I am not at all afraid. Come on, nothing to scared what… Pontianaks only go for handsome men, not botaks right. And squat instead of kneeling lah. Or some how you cheat and don’t ge…