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no more 桐花

有没有觉得别人办文化活动就很够力,而我们自己的 (if we do have, I haven't seen much around)就没有人鸟?



Okay. Update a little huh. It's a bit unusual for me to not post something for more than two days, especially weekends somemore.

Saturday morning was dead tired, but still I went for Chingay to do my logistics:

 Yeah. That's my Saturday morning. Then went to buy some BBQ essentials, for a BBQ session with them (in which I had no time to go today *sobs*)

Saturday night off to Ziyi's place.
Pictures will be up this weekend.


Sunday. Rain rain rain rain rain. No where.

I wanna go JB next next weekend. ARGH.


Okay I'm really vexed and tired today so please don't annoy me further with your noise my life is noisy enough already.
One day when I make enough money (I swear I will) I will move to somewhere quiet and be a farmer.


Horoscopes do create a lot of laughter in the office:

Libra is the only inanimate sign of the zodiac, all the others representing either humans or animals. Many modern astrologers regard it as the most desirable (you desire me ah?) of zodiacal types because it represents the zenith of the year, the high point of the seasons, when there is a mellowness and sense of relaxation in the air as mankind enjoys the last of the summer sun and the fruits of his toil. (I dun noe what he is talking) Librans too are among the most civilized (i damn civilised, understand annot) of the twelve zodiacal characters and are often good looking(wah, nabeh sure bo, my parents taught not to tell lies yo). They have elegance, charm and good taste, are naturally kind, very gentle, and lovers of beauty, harmony (both in music and social living) and the pleasures that these bring.Wah. A bit too much. I am floating 飘飘然ly already. How true.
Totally crap and bullshit, hahaha.

The negative Libran character may show

昨天晚上在准备回营的途中,我在蔡厝港路过一间庙。庙里面在举行庙会,有XXX闽剧团表演布袋戏(they call it 木偶戏 here)。现场的观众一个都没有。我驻足观望五分钟,也就摇摇头走开了。表演,实在是不精彩。布袋戏不应该看到手的,而且哪里有音乐比人物对白还大声的?人物对白还是几个老人家在戏台后头唱的,一点也不生动。

 在一个以务实主义挂帅的地方,文化永远是落后于经济的。 一个视方言文化为洪水猛兽的官,就会培养出同样的百姓。大家都看不懂地方戏曲,观众就会越来越少。戏团缺乏资金,因此戏团素质降低。素质降低,更多人就会对它嗤之以鼻。It's a vicious cycle.


あたり こうすけ

Bought new album. Atari Kousuke.

His way of singing is really interesting, 島唄. Something native to the Amami Islands lah.

And hearing a Japanese guy singing Chinese songs is just, hahahahahaha. CMI lah.




Today shall mark the end of my Physio journey in NS. (I hope? Physio isn't a great experience you know)
Next Tuesday I'm gonna have a pretty big event at NUH, a bit private lah huh. Medical-in-Confidence. Whatever you call it.

Today saw my ex-OC at Physio and he was complaining about his thigh injuries. Sigh. Even though he can be annoying and verbally aggressive, he was my OC. I believe strongly in the stupid Chinese theory of 一日为师终身为父, so I still gotta wish him the best. Life must have been tough to him, but he's a tough man, I believe he can pull through this, Encik.

Decided to go running around NUS, thanks to Li Chen who helped me jaga my bag while she mug and I run.

Alright, Facebook tagging has always been... fun.


Alright. My nose is bleeding now, and I have no idea why...... ^ ^  竟然还笑得出来

Yesterday Chingay a bit shacked. Carry cartons around. Something like that.
And the rain was terrible. Rain, stop, rain, stop, rain, stop.
And I think KFC was a culprit too.
No choice lah, Simei got ALL Fast Food outlets except McDonald's.
Now got one new Subway somemore.

Going back to camp now,
most probably gonna report sick tomorrow.

Pink me.

Pink always brighten up days, don't they?


I'm germinating. Like spreading germs everywhere in the world.
Argh. Sick shit.

Meiji Poifull! Tastes so good.


I am sick. D:
Sore throat, with all this yucky stuff, and fever headache neckache whatever ache.

Still, went for a run.
Because I have to. I am a soldier right.

And I need to train for the start of my next upcoming course: SIG SPEC COURSE.
I told myself I've gotta achieve something there.

Anyway, as I was saying, I went for a little run.
From my house to Upp Changi Rd East, then Bedok Rd, then Upp East Coast Rd, then........

Okay lah very tired, but I managed to 逼 all my 气 out during the run, and I feel more comfortable now actually.

Took some pictures here, because I know that 90% of NJ people don't stay in the East. I mean the East proper lah, not Sengkang Punggol that kind...

Upp East Coast Rd/East Coast Rd

Expensive right. Can compare with a lot of those houses along Bt Timah Rd loh......
By the way, the camp that I've been wanting to go all along before I OOC is here. Guards!

Joo Chiat 如切

Joo Chiat is a very unique constituency. There's only 4 blocks of flat…



I don't wanna be a jerk.

make friends.

Watched The Social Network with DJL yesterday. It's a pretty interesting movie, I kinda liked it, one of the few movies that I watched without those "I love you" things in it. Story is about how this nerd got into lawsuits after founding Facebook. A very cool concept for a movie.

Chinese pray to every single thing, I swear. No surprise there were a lot of people at the 四马路观音妈 temple, but there were also a lot of people praying at the Hindu temple next door, got this auntie open her purse, put it into the 香火炉 and wants to gather all the "holy smoke" into the purse. Hahahaha. Got another uncle put his hands into the 炉 and splash all the smoke on his face siol.

Bugis is an interesting. Haven't seriously walked the 小坡 area (as it was known, 大坡 was Chinatown that side) since last year lah. The food centre with damn nice chwee kueh moved already. Nowadays a lot of China people selling chwee kueh lah, I don't like siol. The chwee kueh they anyhow scoop one, i…


Pun Ka Tsun wants to go Xi'an and ask me to intro him the good stuff. Xi'an got what, tombs, palaces, walls, murals, temples........ Maybe that's why I like history so much bah.

And I actually have relatives. Damn big family. This is only one very very small branch only. I have tons of 姨舅s lurking around. Some are even younger than me but are of higher generation. No wonder they need One Child Policy.