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lines. kelima ratus.


used to know

I started with 5 projects.
Japanese Studies down. Though I think I didn't do a lot on my part. 惭愧中……
Islam and Contemporary Malay Society. Finished. Kinda.
Crit on Thursday. Last crit of the year.
Ideas need 5 reading and responses. Haven't done a single one, 就等 weekend 吧。
And also a research on Bauhaus Dessau. Haven't started too. 也等周末吧。

Yesterday I was driving along Serangoon Rd. Yeah Deepavali is coming.
Hordes of people appeared at every direction, towards every direction.
“哎哟我的妈” was the first thing that came to my mind.
I think I honked at least 6 times.
Well, it's something noteworthy of a little 21 yr old boy with a Probation Plate.

Obviously I feel pissed. Racist and culturalist comments came across my mind.
But then I told myself, hey, 一年一次才,relac 一下啦.....
Then I started thinking how much they have been working to keep our nation clean and striving.


While writing my essay for Islam and Contemporary Malay Society, similar issues arose, albei…