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Panas setahun hapus oleh hujan sehari

I have made some pretty important decision this week. Hope I wasn't being too rash.
It definitely took me a long time to make up my mind.
After all, it's a battle between dreams and reality.

I think I know myself best, and so far I don't remember having much regrets in life.
When a window is closed, another would open for you.

I shall take this few months off to enrich myself with some essential skills.
Gotta be more hardworking than the rest to succeed in life.

The main point of this post is of course, not about my life.
This blog was never meant to describe my life.
Instead, it was meant to describe everything else.

Perhaps I have some low self-esteem issues (contrary to popular belief hahahaha) but everyone has been very encouraging.
I am really blessed to have friends like you all, some of whom I merely knew for weeks.
This is someone wrote today to me:

Jiayou in whatever you decide to do. I admire all who have the courage to chase their own…


There is this Japanese idiom, 一期一会, which means one chance in a lifetime.
Surely enough, in retrospect, there are 1001 things that you wish you had the chance to do it better again. But too bad, you can't.

Another year of Archi. Such fun.
And attempting a minor.
And balancing so many roles in hall.

Joining at least 5 camps during the holidays isn't killing, it didn't make me stronger either.

School has started, and projects have started coming along too.
So darned sick of it. DARNED SICK.
I am being damn lazy I admit, but it's not the thing I like to do.
I freaking hate it.
I love to study, but I hate to build things. I don't like the idea of keep on failing and trying and failing and trying.

Glad I met great friends in Hall, but actually I am still very much on my own.