This is China, in case you wonder what little kids like me do.

Oh wells. You've guessed it. One Child Policy ah. Bo pian one.... You'll see these balloons all over the road man. They're like free in China.

Back there we poor ah.... Two boys share one pants. Of course many many boys share one bike lah.

Need help with the slogans on the wall? Let the China Studies student here teach you siol.

Back there passing grade is 60, not 50 like here. And anything below 80 is considered quite a sin...

That's why I like outfield and I like Army. And that's why my stomach can take anything.

This is something not typical. I hate snow. So cold, how to go out. I choose to hibernate when it's winter.

Today is book out day! And Thursday is half day (道听途说s always makes people happy, don't they?). Friday is Kimyong's clubbing day. Saturday is Chingay day. Sunday is work day. Wonderful. I love being busy.

And I officially declare that I'm not gonna lend people things anymore because people always take my kindness for granted. Some ARMY REGULAR asked me for $150 two weeks ago, telling me he's gonna return ASAP, then now tell me he can only pay me on pay day, which is like next Wed? Nabeh with only $500+ a month and paying transport and handphone bills all by myself what you expect me to eat with. And another BLACK borrowed a utility pouch and ran to Pulau Tekong. When contacted he expect me to go Pulau Tekong take from him. Walau eh you borrow from bank you go return bank right, not the bank come look for you right. No wonder nowadays there are so many loan sharks lurking around because of assholes like these. I think I make a good loan shark.

Then again, life still goes on. ARGH.

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