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It's creative, isn't it?
Takes only 2s to open!

Turning in

Nothing much to do during F1 Season because of work commitments, have to loaf around and wait for time to go by and kill time by listening to all sorts of cock songs.

Like this Love = Love song thingy by Selena Gomez:

The song is indeed catchy.
But the MV sucks, TOTALLY.

it's time.

When it's time to go, no matter what you do can't stop you:

Bo beh zao lah. 无马走...


There is this song rumbling in the radios all the time, called 唸死你.
The song goes like,
我的字典里没有放弃, 因为已 锁定你。 我从不写空白的日记, 日记里 全是你。
Cheesy and annoying, it has indeed been successful to bring my attention to it.
And I ACTUALLY wasted time googling for this damned song by typing its lyrics.
By doing so I needed to listen to the song carefully everytime 933FM plays it.
So much for finding it an annoyance huh.


Meanwhile, I'm celebrating my last Guard Duty (hopefully) in camp now! :D


Am I being too ambitious, having too many commitments at one time?
Knowing that I have about less than a year left before I start a gruelling regime which might take me 6 years before I 重见天日, I have to do all those shit that I want and need to do.

But is it seriously worth tiring myself, I wonder.


So I'm in the Bandar Bersejarah now, just had awesome Haagen Dazs and got a cheap bargain of Malay Textbooks at RM2 each (you'll be wondering WTF but yeah I need to brush up my Malay).
Later shall be indulging myself in the love of Jonker Street food and CRUBBBBING. FYL for not having one like mine.

Wasabi mix

The past week has been really hardcore.
I strained/sprained/tore/pulled/hurt (I also don't know) my outer thigh muscles, and walked with a limp.
Reason? Stupid enough: I was playing that Maplestory Adventure game on Facebook when someone called me, so I stood up and AWWWW.    ''-_-

That was Thursday.
So I thought a night's sleep would suffice.
It wouldn't, actually.
Friday morning I went to the doctors, in camp of course.
The doctor is a really imba doctor, he've got medals for saving precious lives of NSFs from the Chief! Pretty awesome.
So this doctor said, "Hey you need to rest a few days."

Apparently I can't afford to give the Sunday AHM run a miss, so I refused to "rest".
Then he gave in and gave me a jab on the ass instead, dubbed the "Painkiller".
The jab itself was the Killer of all Pains because it's so painful...

My leg doesn't really hurt anymore.
But my ass is sore. Like you know, Primary School you h…