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Where you can go?

Forgot what I wanna write here.
A bit too tired brain cannot function already. Hahaha.

Can't wait for things to change.
Life's so boring and sucky.


Yeah I'm spending my precious Sunday now in camp. Sians.

While working, I've finished planning for our much-awaited Melaka trip in September. :D

it is, on the side.

August is always the time when things go bad.
It's like an annual affair, August always 出代誌 one.

Went to watch Horrible Bosses during nights-out:

 Jennifer Aniston is very HOT for her age huh.

Just came back from (yet) another weekend morning run. Guess I have to continue to do this till Sept 4. We're going to enter this so-called "tapering" phase where we reduce intensity to allow our muscles to rest and yet maintain the strength. A bit cheem, I can't think of any better layman way to describe it already.

While at Tampines, there was this wheelchair-bound passenger waiting to board our bus. The driver was nice and courteous enough, he went to attend to him first before opening the entrance. Hopefully nobody is pissed while waiting for him to finish settling the handicapped passenger.
在我们身边依然有这么一群比我们不幸的人士,so we shouldn't take things for granted, really.


This is 大稻埕 (Tōa-tiū-tiâⁿ), along the Damsui Riverside.

So excited to plan for the upcoming trip, isn't it?


This is the first time I am not celebrating National Day at home. It's a totally different feeling when you watch the NDP with 20 people wearing the same clothes as you. We all know, it's for a purpose--to protect and defend all that we have, on this very sacred day.

Just realised I couldn't find this year National Day song in Chinese. I remembered in past years every NDP song comes with a Chinese version. Maybe they scraped that because it's not economically viable? I don't know, but thank god I managed to watch the NDP this year on Ch 8 even though I'm not at home :D

This song brought me through J1, and I like Joi Chua's voice:

And this song is DAMN VINTAGE, and I remember how we always laugh when there is that "Pledge" inside the chorus:

I realised that last time the NDP songs are very "pragmatic", like they all come with a "purpose".
We should be united, so we'll have songs like "One People One Nation One Singapore…


Went for Tekong Challenge yesterday with the team.
Didn't manage to win, but well we can take it as endurance training for the 21km run next month.

Dead tiring. It's an exposure though, being able to observe the natural beauty of Pulau Tekong without all the soldiering and stuff. Little crabs, sea anemones, and other creatures.

It's good that we have an island solely meant for military purposes. At least everything there can be conserved because no one else can go there and mess up the place. Singaporeans are always like that, when they "discover" something cool (like Chek Jawa or the recent train tracks) they will all flock there within the next one month. Crazy enough? To me it's like "Walau this thing has been here for ages haven't you guys seen it at all before?!"

It's just shows how busy and bo-chap we are everyday.

Anyway talking about being busy. I'm real busy. After a hiatus of 3 months finally a boss has came and I can pull 50%…