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You realise my life is basically just Eusoff Hall right? And a bit of school.

1. I returned from exchange in Tainan. It was a shithole no doubt, and landed me with really bad 扁桃腺炎 (tonsillitis, where your tonsils gets really rotten and you see yellow shit at the back of your throat). I was so sick of the place that I took the immediate flight back to Singapore in the afternoon after my morning finals paper.
Okay lah the grades not bad. After all it is supposed to be SU but I am glad I put in enough effort. What to do, the Taiwanese think that Singaporeans are damn perfect so I really need to prove them right. 累死林北了啦。

2. And I didn’t know I can play music. Hahaha. [Okay warning, allow me to haolian a bit can.]
So… I tried A Cappella and did a little gig at NJC Talentime this year. Really scary but fun.
Okay lah I talk a lot of rubbish but my balls shrink when it comes to 大场面 like this.

3. I ran for Eusoff JCRC President.
It was a difficult journey, and I guess that isn…