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Tak Cheh-ing

Selamat sejahtera kelas.

Selamat sejahtera cikgu..........

Sila duduk.

Terima kasih....

This was the earliest Malay phrases I elarnt in Malay class. Like duh right, now come to think about it, it's like Kindergarten Malay? HAHAHAHA.


AND HOW COME MCDONALD'S SO HOT TODAY. Looks like Global Warming is spreading.

But anyway I am having great time learning my Archi steps.
Palladian, Orders, Aqueducts, Porticos, Art-Nouveau, Art-Deco, Gothic, Rococo.....

10 litres of life

During the Jin dynasty (a screwed up dynasty lah, full of screwed up philosophers) there was a guy called 陶渊明. He served in a series of minor posts (saikang warrior), but his disgust at the corruption and infighting of the Emperor's court prompted his resignation, convincing him that life was too short to compromise on his principles...  So he said he's「不為五斗米折腰」and resigned, hide in the forest for 22 years writing emo poems about his ideal utopia.

Come on lah. Bluff who. Back then everyone mugs so that they can get an official post and get filthy rich right. If you really think that hiding in your 桃花源 is good then you wouldn't have appeared in the courts at all... Actually I think what he meant by 「不為五斗米折腰」 is that if he was given 五十斗 or 五百斗 (which is like, 100 litres or 1000 litres of rice?) maybe he would have been happier and less emo.

From an Econs point view (hope I am not wrong), if supply increases and demand remains unchanged then there will be a lower equilibrium…




So as I was saying, I went to the Museum on Wednesday. And before that I decided to go to the Esplanade Library. I thought all libraries would open at 10am! Not so for Esplanade Library! D:

 So the disheartened carried on walking to the National Museum past SMU. SMU is full of students. And they all wear like.... they are going on a chalet with a laptop hahahahaha.

So the Pompeii Exhibitioin costs $6 for a NSF. Which is half-price. This called Care For Soldier, the last but definitely not the least of the 7 Commandments of our mighty organisation.....

The entrance was quite sad lah, with all the body casts of the victims from the volcano eruption... But the following galleries were pretty educational, now I know how does volcano eruptions occur (sorry lah I don't take Geog)  and cheemology like pumice, lapilli, basalt, caldera, blah blah blah.

The Pompeii Exhibition isn't a very big one, but a really interesting one. It's a pity that civilisations like these can just disa…


The Blogspot page settings got this very cool thing called Statistics 統計資料:

美国 79
日本 15
葡萄牙 15
伊拉克 14

I wonder how the hell people from US find this blog and how on Earth do 14 random Iraqis come online to read something they don't understand. Or maybe it's some fundamentalist looking at this place 14 times? Who knows.

tak takut

I'm sorry if I am in a hurry and never said Hi. Sometimes too tired lah huh.

I wonder why sometimes people so scared to hold responsibilities. What's wrong with holding something responsible when you know that this particular issue can be resolved/done.



I am very tired again. Forgot what I wanna write already...

Oh. Ok. I went to the National Museum today, to see the Pompeii Exhibition. And the President's Presents one. Shall update on that soon.

Today makan a lot of sushi with Runchao, Liu Min, Li Chen, and Li Shuo. They all very free lah huh, not like every day stay in camp.... Haha but I liked camp nevertheless.

Two years later when I enter university they are all laojiaos already.... Hahaha.

Cape No. 7 director has finally (like 5 years) finished filming his supposedly "masterpiece" Seediq Bale, about these bunch of brave tribal leaders who fought a fierce battle against the brutal Japanese rulers. Definiely a must watch. Wonder when this film will come Singapore.

Trailer 1: English subtitles

Trailer 2:


咲い た咲いた 星の破片が 月の裏側で泣いていた
気付かぬうちに 隠れてた兎もまた弧描く 咲いて咲いて 月にお願い 穏やかな影に薄化粧
知らず知らず えいやと投げた 蕾は行方知れず 咲いて咲いた 風に揺られて 穏やかな坂は薄化粧
下駄鳴らして 口笛合わせ
凛として はんなりの 心Today went back to Maris Stella, because it’s Open House. Maris Stella is damn awesome now, Band 3!!! And the infrastructure is getting so much better. I am so proud to be a Marist.And I need my brother to read more Chinese books. HOW?!?!?!

Пошло но прикольно

Okay, this makes a good clubbing song, but any idea what the video is trying to say?


A bit slack these few days. Decided to do some wiki-hopping. And stumbled upon loads of non-existent articles or stubs on Chinese wiki. So I actually can find the free time to contribute some crap. Not bad huh. Hahahaha.
I gained some knowledge too, either by translating those on English/Malay wiki or googling stuff. Like now I know the difference between a Temenggong, Bendahara and Laksamana, and Sang Nila Utama is Parameswara’s (aka Iskandar Shah) great-grandfather. And Seri Menanti (in Negeri Sembilan) is called 神安池 in Chinese, Gua Musang (in Kelantan) is called 话望生, while the Chinese in Setiawan are mostly of Foochow origins. COOL right. Hahahaha bo pian lah, really too sian le, nothing much for me to do…

Yawns. So there goes my first week, learning all kinds of Office Politics that I’ve never seen during my NS life with Enciks. Sir 果然比 Encik 复杂好多……

my legs are for your disposal

Anyone wanna go with me?                LET'S RUN!

Rangaku: end of decade (3)

First I gotta say that this is DAMN UGLY. I know it's only an artist's impression lah, but the impression isn't IMPRESSIVE at all. So ugly, doesn't match the limestone caves and the Hindu temple with the statue of Lord Murugan (the largest statue of Murugan in the world).....

Let me see what I've done this year.....

1. Crossed 浊水溪.
2. Been to parts of Singapore that I've never been to, and worse never heard before.
3. Went to clubbing.
4. Had drank more varieties of liquor.
5. Learn not to judge people by their cover.

Shall skip no. 3 first, haven't thought of what to write yet, and anyway it isn't very nice for me to write about clubbing using the computer in my office with all those skimpy-clothed girls and stuff.

Water + Wine Bottle. That's how you get liquor, jiǔ.

《说文解字》 says, 就也,所以就人性之善惡。从水从酉,酉亦聲。一曰造也,吉凶所造也。 古者儀狄作酒醪,禹嘗之而美,遂疏儀狄。杜康作秫酒。子酉切。

The Tiger looks as if it has grown up, hahaha.

Seriously, Tiger doesn't taste bad....... There's this…