Relac one corner

Got myself another new game, a very interesting game because it keeps my brain moving still. Tons of weird quizzes to kill my time.

Solution very simple lah:

Cheem right. Here's another one:


Okay lah. Some updates about my work: This week is gonna be pretty easy.

Yeah, so easy, I am watching this Taiwan Hokkien drama called 《夜市人生》, which is the next show that's gonna play on Ch 8 after 《愛》... Interesting concept lah, but the storyline..... and the actors..... the same lah huh.

Imagine a society 40% old and 60% young. And out of these 60% young, 1/4 is housewife, so that adds up to 55% people watching this show. Obviously 全省第一 right...

Oh, my Indian neighbour who looks like those skinny big stomach gurus watches 爱 every evening, then carries on to watch 龙卷风 at night after news. Racial Harmony worz. The last time I watched a drama in Malay is already like two years ago pleae.

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