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Sakit Lari


Yesterday ran too much le bah. Sprinting isn't some thing that I can do well. And in the process I guess I broke/injured/pulled/stressed/whatever-verb somewhere around my knee. This feeling sucks totally man, feel like some crippled old man.
 Anyway I am back here on the Pulau, after some 4 hours of temporary freedom on the mainland, at Orchard Road. Sunday after I get my salary I shall buy albums. MONEY'S GONNA GET BURNT. But I  don't care lah, my lifestyle is kinda screwed lah, like 有多少就花多少 that kind sia. Haha.

It feels good to be back in the bunk. And I am all alone in this bunk currently, it certainly provides some form of tranquility and peacefulness. Not that I am complaining that I have noisy bunkmates lah, but it is good to keep alone sometimes and relax. And watch the sea breeze and the sunrise. Hehe. Shall be working for 24 hours later, haha GOOD TO GO.


Akan Melari Cepat Lari

Explosives are really dangerous substances.
They go boomz and it CAN instil some fear into people.
After all, noobs like us never handled one before.

The bunk is crazy over "The Man Who Can't Be Moved". Cos it's the only few angmoh songs that I know how to sing, hahahahaha.

RUNNING IS MY LIFE. (yeah I've said that umpteen times, but I still enjoy it)
After all the shack-ness we kena everyday, some running cleanses your mind and sets you pondering. And at the same getting me charged once again.
What bliss it is to be able to run along the beach, every night.


Some people must stay back. They feel emotional.
Some people must stay back. They throw tantrums.
Some people must stay back. They go FXXX.

I volunteered to do this week's duty in turn for someone else, because he needa go for his love.
One choice can lead to different scenarios. We always hope for the better one.
Brother must 讲义气 what, right annot.

I am sure this is gonna worth it.


Sian lah, today run like shit from Simei to Hougang. Two and half hours. Damn tiring. Hahahaha.

Ok lah, kinda comfortable. Try doing all the warm up things learnt during training this week.

Anyway, I OFFICIALLY PROCLAIM THAT I HATE CHINESE NEW YEAR. Chinese New Year is a time where everywhere is closed yet crowded. And I am watching some China Chinese New Year Gala shit on Cable TV. Pure Propaganda and Crap. Utter Pointless. Lame humor. And I would be receiving very little angbaos. Well, people no relatives here mah, so do what, eat shit everyday for these few days lor. Seriously it sucks to be an immigrant, man. Sucks totally.

Alright, I am feeling selfish. My family members (in case you are curious, there are only 3 of them) and my cousins are around me now. But I don’t like this. I just feel damn bored right now. Why can people go out and have fun and visit here and visit there, while I stay at home eat shit and KKYLP everyday? Life is so freaking unfair. I can’t wait to…
Hmm. Whoever this blog belongs to I actually don’t really care. But the model here is definitely prettier than the Hollyhoque one. Haha.

Anyway 3 days deprived of Facebook is killing me. Luckily there is such a great invention called GPRS such that I can still comment and update and keep in touch with the Human World, rather than the @#*?$+%!@&# World at “THE ISLAND GETAWAY”.

Our commanders are really good people, and really takes great concern for our welfare. And they got a lot of weird theories to share too! Haha. Shan’t disclose here though, it is copyrighted (I think) from their mouths. I can tell you whatever they said though, hehe. Theories that will make you go WALAU EH 97320323223 times.

Kinda deprived of sleep everyday. But I loved Wednesday. Waking up at 5am is indeed a feat, but looking at the clear night sky at Pulau Sejahat is another one. Dazzling stars sia. Never seen so bloody much in my entire bloody life, haha. NS is worth it lah, seriously.