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yang berpengalaman

Congratulations to Eusoff Hall Dance Productions 2018! I am honestly very proud of what they achieved given the limitations the producers had to bear with. 当然我能抱怨的事情很多很多 but I think it is more important to look at issues from an objective angle—there is no point harping on things that you have no control over. Learn to adapt and make the best choices over it.
What struck me hard these few days was this particular issue caused by the admins in NUS (eh I never name you ah so you cannot hold me against anything ah). The admin simply decided on certain things without any consultation with the students and the student leaders were simply gathered for a meeting to “notify” us of the changes. 他妈的你叫我们怎么不会赌懒呢?
However, there is really no space for NUS admin to back down. 妈的给林北知道这帮决策者是谁我一定让他XXXXX, but anyway the student leaders decided to make do with whatever with have by trying to understand the rationale behind these changes. Some compromise had to be done somewhere, and so right we pray tha…