Feelin' Lonely?

There are many interesting things that's going on around us nowadays and I'd really like to share some of them. Like this Table For One project this Singaporean girl called Samantha is working on, it's a pretty interesting concept as she walk around Singapore took pictures and interviewed people who ate alone in the restaurants (something which is weird to us, I myself also don't like eating in restaurants alone):

10pm, to me, is not a human time for taking dinner. “Vampire time” you used to joke. Yet, many of us, in our hectic urban lifestyles, have our jobs to push all our basic human needs to be met in inhuman times.  At 10pm, Wei Xiang was having his dinner. Dim sum with soya milk it was. He offered me some when I sat down with him but I declined in my bimbo-tic fear that any food after 7pm will make me fat, but I was nevertheless grateful for his generosity. We chatted comfortably about his work and also the reason why I am working on this project. Now its no longer trying to get over the past but now more of getting to learn of the future. He signed my little black notebook that I use to jot down the contacts of everyone that I’ve photographed. Alongside with his name, he left a note saying “I hope you’ll find true love”. I smiled thinking about how it will be nice. Yet also, in what I believe might be a healthy dose of cynicism, I’ve let go of the idea of hoping for something like that.

I found this pretty cool. Every lone-eater has their own stories to tell.

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