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It is good to be ambitious, but without determination, ambitions are just like rainbows--phoof they go.

bro. 晓大义

Just completed some DISC test organised by the school. Turns out that I am an I.
I means Influence.
Oh well, expected isn't it?

"You tend to have an extensive network of friends and colleagues, and you may view a roomful of strangers as a fun opportunity to connect."

"At times, your talkative nature may cause you to monopolise conversations, particularly with those who are more soft-spoken."

"You tend to be accepting of new people and ideas. As a result, when other people offer their opinions, you're often reluctant to give negative feedback."

"In conflict, you may be inclined to brush any unpleasantness under the rug for as long as possible. However, if your anger, frustration, or hurt reaches a breaking point, you may lash out emotionally or say things you later regret. While such venting may feel therapeutic, you may not realise that emotions of this magnitude can make other people extremely uncomfortable."

How apt isn't it!