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Well that’s what is written in the Forum in the Lianhe Zaobao today. Seems like at least there are still some sane people around in Sigapore. Firstly BLOODY HELL THERE IS NO CHINESE/MALAY PAPERS in SCS!!!!!! Like that how I read news! And now the papers say that Someone is gonna reduce the weightage of Mother Tongue in PSLE… My Chinese teachers were upset. So am I. I used to dream myself becoming a Chinese teacher back in the Sec 3~4 days, haha. Okay lah, I now want to sign on, because by signing on it is alright for me to use Hokkien and Mandarin everywhere in camp, muahahahaha.

But jokes aside, this is like WTF seriously lah. Imagine your kids speaking angmoh to you. And in the Singlish tone somemore. 妈的,半桶水standard。What will our country become. And I think this is only a trend among Chinese leh, I seldom see Malays not knowing how to cakap bahasa (other than RJ “elites”).

PRAGMATISM HAVE TAKEN OUR TOLL. Might as well assimilate everyone as one race bah.


Wah finally I am back. PHEW. Life in SISPEC (SCS, whatever they wanna call it) is really really different from life in Pulau Tekong. And while I feel that the life here sucks, apparently those who used to be from the more hiong companies in Pulau Tekong think this place is damn SLACK. DAMN. BIG CULTURE SHOCK.

What have I learnt in the first week? I learnt how to not 以貌取人. Haha. Sometimes people the face a bit screwed up, till such an extent that people call them F***FACE. Which is quite true, although it isn’t their fault really. And most of the time these F***FACEs piss people off more often because of their face. Yeah I just realised that in SISPEC I shall not be like this anymore. We should treat each other equally. Hohohohohoho.
And there are quite a few regulars here with us, and I think they are damn experienced so so what if they BTC. BTC有BTC的好处。People who study too much normally will start to restrict themselves because THE BOOK SAY TAK BOLEH. Come on lah, we now…

All same lah

Okat. Think the whole world (planet botak) is frantically checking their posting results….. And while some say YAY to their OCS, many more are yelling WTFs because they become men. Men, like mechanics, drive tanks, medics, etc.

Come on lah be proud of your vocations can. There must be a reason why you kena that vocation what. I always told myself that I wanted to be in Guards, because I don’t want to waste my time loafing around doing “slack jobs”. Yeah now I am going SISPEC, with Paul and many others. Keep your expectations low dudes, you will see things in different light. =)

I didn’t want to go OCS. OCS is tough (so is SISPEC), and I think 9 months is a bit too long. Haha. Lousy excuse lah huh. And anyway I won’t be eligible for OCS also. Because my English CMI. Hahahaha I don’t think the sergeants often hear me speaking English to them sia…. And how on Earth do you find a 2nd Lieutenant that goes WALAU NABEH LIN LAOHIA? Hehe so I am fated for SISPEC lah, can mingle …
Today is really very tiring somehow. Maybe because I slept too late last night for reformatting my computer? Or maybe because I have not been hanging around with so many friends for a long time already? Well I don't know about that. But I do know that I enjoyed my day, especially after pah-siao-ing at karaoke today.

Yeah just like what Dian Feng says, today's singers' combination is really random. Hahaha. 7 people, from 5 different classes. How cool can that be. Awesome right. Dian Feng is like some crazy BOTAK fanboy, haha.

I don't understand how people would rather believe the onlookers rather than the people that are actually involved in the event. 当局者迷,旁观者清。 So what.

And as a friend/brother/pal/etc I wish to tell you the truth. Which is rather cruel. I guess time would have been a better medicine here, since you will turn botak soon. Hope the true light can enlighten you one day, bringing you out of your dreams. Hopefully you can turn your attention …


Camera went out of battery. Sorry no POP pictures to upload.
This marks my fianl day in Leopard Coy.
Okay actually not, next weekend I got Guard Duty again, I miss my bunk, haha.

But yeah Leopard Company is slack.
But so what? We learn the same things, and get the same pay per month.
So I don't see the point of being tortured like shit and yet only get $400 a month.
And we still have high IPPT and SOC passing rates.

Respect is to be earned mutually, not enticed by fear.
[and hopefully, Puo Nen you better don't end up same unit, same bunk, same bed as me again 10 days later hor. If not, your life must be really suey to be stuck with me for almost 5 years. HAHAHA]
[后话: He didn't. He went back to M'sia.]