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Watched The Social Network with DJL yesterday. It's a pretty interesting movie, I kinda liked it, one of the few movies that I watched without those "I love you" things in it. Story is about how this nerd got into lawsuits after founding Facebook. A very cool concept for a movie.

Chinese pray to every single thing, I swear. No surprise there were a lot of people at the 四马路观音妈 temple, but there were also a lot of people praying at the Hindu temple next door, got this auntie open her purse, put it into the 香火炉 and wants to gather all the "holy smoke" into the purse. Hahahaha. Got another uncle put his hands into the 炉 and splash all the smoke on his face siol.

Bugis is an interesting. Haven't seriously walked the 小坡 area (as it was known, 大坡 was Chinatown that side) since last year lah. The food centre with damn nice chwee kueh moved already. Nowadays a lot of China people selling chwee kueh lah, I don't like siol. The chwee kueh they anyhow scoop one, in the end give customer all those 支离破碎 one... Not appealing at all.

Spiral staircases. Not really common nowadays. There are a few behind the flats in Toa Payoh though.

I LOVE COLORS. Don't you?

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