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This is a long week. Went to Bukit Indah finally, pictures will update next week. A bit like Sengkang lah, newly developed place, but definitely would be more beautiful in a few years, hence Indah.

Well went for Exercise somewhere North of NJ, in the forests. FORESTS ARE WONDERFUL. It’s like damn fun running around in the forests. Of course looking for Checkpoints is damn difficult (especially at night right, Paul, hahahahaha), but we made it through. Next CSB challenge, we will prevail!!!
I’m may gonna OOC soon. OOC means Out-of-Course. My stupid knee giving me stupid problems during stupid strength trainings. Which renders me useless to the SAF. Which means I cannot sign on anymore (or rather, I shouldn’t sign on anymore because if I OOC during my term of service then I WILL DIE).
Sucks right. I wanna sign so badly can. Where on Earth can you find a place where you can use vulgarities to teach? Imagine in school:
杨老师:妈的,做么没有做我的Maths?很难做咩,欠打是吗?XX你妈……你明天最好跟恁爸做出来,or else……………


Maybe that’s why there’s a mass exodus of Chinamen worldwide. I’m gonna exodus too. A bit difficult to keep up with two blogs when in NS lah, and my English standard is DROPPING AND DROPPING AND DROPPING. Using Chinese is better. Fiaklah, running out of vocab already. At this rate my English will drop to below PSLE standards.




Running is damn shackening if you eat a lot of Malaysian junk at night.


This week has been a long week. Did Guard Duty, then Encik told me to conduct Combat PT. Then I went for Physio straightaway, which is another torturing Gym session of almost 2 hours… Of course knee will pain lah. I think the rationale behind this Physio thing is to make you hate Physio so that you will go back to training. But okay lah I get to book out more frequently than others. Hopefully this Wednesday there is a nights-out, so that when I go for Physio in the noon I can come back at night, hee.

Yeah so I went to the Medics that afternoon. Then I say knee pain (I do admit there is A BITTTTT of chaokeng-ness in it), he give three days RMJ. Three days, just nice during our Field Camp. So…… hahaha you get the story lah, I go Field Camp become IC for one Platoon of chao-keng people and everyday just load tonner and carry jerry cans. Life quite enjoyable lah.

OH NO! I gained weight! Freak I’m 55kg now. Everyday eat sleep eat sleep in camp, of course gain weight lah. I mu…