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In case you're wondering, 绿野仙踪 is the Chinese name of the novel Wizard of Oz... I sound damn sophisticated right, reading cheem English books like this right hahahhaha...

This week has been a pretty crazy week. If you're thinking that I am going to back to my workplace to KKYLP and start slacking for the rest of the year till ORD, then sorry hah you're DAMN WRONG.

There is this little programme to induce the craziness in us. Which will last till next Friday.
And then there is this big Parade to attend to, and I am freaking black now.
And if I am not black enough already, next week got another tanning session, for another Parade.


There are a few things I have taken away this week:

First, when you know that there is a problem, please go and remedy it. And make sure you do follow-ups. If not, the same problem will persist, and will affect morale of your subordinates. 未雨绸缪 IS DA WAY, MAN.

Second, as a leader you should never make…


Went to the Singapore Biennale yesterday with Kimmy and LKY. Awesome stuff. Better than the Taipei one.
At least user-interface is friendlier.

And it's time to give basic camera tuition to Kimyong too. Hahahaha.

And I have to say, Malay is a useful language. Serious.

And at SAM@8Q there is this guy who collects a lot of past newspapers and set up a gallery in the museum to share them with us! Some can date back till 1980s!