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Sandiwara siapa

Kinda miss Singapore badly and wanted to go back to work. The workaholic self is just burning--I can't keep still! Be it being a financial advisor or being the President of the JCRC in Hall, I just like the feeling of being busy, like it keeps me on the ball and probably makes me feel more meaningful.

Being busy means I have no time for meals. Which is true. Well I don't really like to eat and talk business so usually I try not to have proper meals with them. AND I like to have back-to-back appointments. Which means, yes my breakfast can begin as late as 8pm.

What to do, eat on the bus lor. Hahahaha.
McDonald's is unhealthy but probably the easiest thing you can eat on the bus?
And the bus is the only place which I can take a power nap between appointments?

I really need to buy a car soon.

Came across a post about late Malay movie director/actor/producer Tan Sri P. Ramlee on just now and it triggered my memories of him, after being "forced" to watch his f…