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avenger. 君子曰必报德。

It's been a while since I am here. Two months of school sure has been very strenuous on me indeed. But it's okay I am surviving well.

Many friends around me seem to have relationship difficulties these days. When I look at them I always thought about my own experience (note, it's singular, contrary to popular belief haha) more than two years ago.

It was a difficult time for me, simply because I was inexperienced. I thought I had put all my effort into maintaining the relationship. Apparently She harboured other thoughts, which I didn't take into account, perhaps I was too naive and unrealistic.

In June 2012 I wrote an article, and I think it still holds true today. Would like to share with you guys:

分手的理由千百种,只要其中有一方并不想分开,或没有被善待,任何原因都会被归纳为最烂的理由。例如:“我们个性不适合!” “我发觉自己配不上你!” “你会碰到更好的人!” “我的能力不够,无法给你幸福!” …… 以上听起来的确像是借口,但至少它不伤人,比起“我从来没有爱过你!”这个理由,要温和很多。 面对分手的残酷时刻,因为依依不舍而伤心难过的人,往往都忘了:当初开始相爱的时候,往往没有任何理由,就只是很单纯的喜欢而已。分手,其实也不需要任何理由,就只是很单纯的不爱了啊。若执著于要求对方一定要给个更像样的理由,只不过是更加证明自己不甘心罢了。负心人…