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My time is up (1): 背景

I promised that this series of posts will be in Chinese but after a second thought, it might just be more practical to keep it bilingual as it always have been. But of course the juicier parts are in Chinese. Too bad, English is way more culturally and emotionally more deficient than any of the vernacular tongues in Singapore.

The government ask you to be bilingual so that you do not become CULTURALLY EMPTY. 不要以为自己会讲英语就西北厉害,结果一点礼义廉耻都不晓得,纵使腰缠万贯又有何用呢?

This will be Part 1 of a 5-part series on my journey as the JCRC President in Eusoff Hall. Since the JCRC Elections have yet to begin, I will not delve into whatever happened in the past year (他妈的要不然等一下吓死人,大家都不愿意出来参选了,我不是要变成千古罪人?) but instead share a bit more about what have happened in the past and the reasons why I chose to serve in the JCRC the third time. Since I am slightly more stupid than all of you, because I needed six years to graduate, this post will be slightly longer than any other post.

放心,我会为我写的内容负责。故事里的人物姓名已经过处理,如有雷同…… 那就雷…