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Wonder how many people actually blog (and read blogs) these days, but just felt the urge of doing so suddenly.

I was looking at someone's blog and saw her (hint hint, actually you know who you are) rather happy life. For once, I felt so HAPPY for her. Perhaps that's true friendship. Like I never felt this way before. When I saw her pictures I actually hoped wished that she has been enjoying her life, and for once I didn't have a single tinge of jealousy. No I'm not, at all.

[To this friend, please take care of yourself okay! Although I don't see you all the time I would love knowing that you have a great life and as a friend I really really really wish the BEST for you. Pardon my English my vocab is limited but I doubt you'd have understood my Chinese anyway!]

I was surprised too. I guess I have matured once again. What people call metamorphosis, which is meant for 6-legged creatures, so I'll use the Chinese term instead, 蜕变. Sounds nicer anyway.


Bomoh finding.

I felt so ashamed at myself when I realised my mistake: to laugh at Malaysia using bomohs to located the missing aeroplane. MH370 that is.

In a modern society today we would find it amusing that our neighbours up north was not able to find an aeroplane after days of search and need to resort to spiritual means. Many, including myself, would find it a mockery.
I was doing my essay, on some colonisation issues and was focusing on the history of British Malaya. Malaya in those days was a land of abundance, almost like paradise. One may even argue that the people then enjoyed more freedom than they had today in Malaysia, too. It led me to think of the development of cultures in the Malay Peninsula.
Bomohs are a form of shamanism. It entails a cultural identity to the Malays, mostly the traditional ones. Of course many say that bomohs are un-Islamic, but then again they existed before the arrival of the religion, and transformed along with it.
Instead of mocking at our brothers and sisters…

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