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When almost all your friends on Facebook are from the Army, you know it's time to go.


Histeria merupakan suatu keadaan minda seperti ketakutan atau emosi yang tidak terkawal. Ketakutan tersebut selalunya disebabkan oleh beberapa kejadian yang dilalui oleh seseorang yang melibatkan konflik yang teruk. Mereka yang mengalami histeria sering kehilangan kawalan akibat ketakutan yang teramat sangat.

 Hysteria is transliterated as 歇斯底里 in Chinese. 根本就是毫无来由的情绪在作祟,讲难听一点,就是神经病。

Sounds like many of our Female counterparts out there, isn't it?


What a fruitful fortnight it must have been.

First, me and Ziyi went to Asian Civilisations Museum on an F1 Day. So crowded everywhere godammit.

 There was this exhibition about Liu Kang, 刘抗, a famous Singaporean artist who came from China and went to France to study art and returned to develop his own style of art known as 南洋画派.

Another typical Foreign Talent story? Not exactly. After all, he received numerous medals of commendation from everywhere and left us a legacy.

I didn't take enough pictures, because everything was so good that I couldn't capture everything.

There were other galleries, like the Yellow Ribbon Project:

And this exhibit by Mojoko, where he used popular references in life excessively.
 To "activate" the art you have make noises. The louder you make the bigger the motif will be. So you'll see Michelin, Superman and your daily Lucheon Meat pop out:

Went to Ziyi's place for hotpot. Haven't met Fiona and Hsiangway for a long long time. …