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This is a little story that I want to share. Not really to haolian, but just for everyone to know the importance of being able to think out of the box.
So I was buying BBQ items at Sheng Siong with a couple of friends in Hall. When we checked out with our items we met the CEO of the company, Mr Lim. Why, he was a really nice man! There were weird customers with weird demands but he took it with humility anyway. Really the kind of Chinese-educated entrepreneur that you would imagine. (Not saying the English-educated ones are not nice, but really if you compare trends, they do behave differently.)
So this Mr Lim said that if we have any community projects we can look for him. There is indeed a fundraising event coming up and all I could find on their website was Which I am really not too sure if it will go anywhere beyond the Customer Service Dept.
So I did something really unconventional.
I wrote a letter. In Chinese. On an NUS Foolscap Pad. With a pictu…


Another new year of disappointments, surprises, betrayals and friendships.
And it's the season of Inter-Hall Games.

Never wanted to win as badly as this year.
Many told me to just let it go and move on.
但有一個夢 不會死 記著吧
來自你我的心 記著吧