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lima puluh lagi

50 days later I would be leaving this ancient city which I really wanted to come and yet dislike at the same time. Honestly I still think that Tainan is not any different from any other small city in Mainland China (okay I might get punched for saying this but it's the honest truth) and I would still prefer to live in Singapore. Personal preference.

I'm probably gonna write some dedicated posts in the next 7 weeks before I return to sunny cozy Singapore and start making money. I thought living in Canada for a month was bad enough, but it was this few months experience which make me feel that home is truly what I miss the most. Home, is not just an arbitrary physical object (aka a house/flat/condominium/angmoh chu/etc) but I view it more as an abstract term. It's the kind of familiarity that I miss:food, language, 思維方式, climate, and many more. I would not want to trade this familiarity with anything else, no matter the price.

Tainan is indeed an amazing place. Singaporeans …


Half the week has went by and...... I guess the exams are over?
Which isn't really the point. Hahaha.
Exam only, not like I'll ever fail.

Gonna attend dance competition on Sunday and I'm excited I guess?
After all everything I am doing in Taiwan now kinda exceeded my expectations, since I told myself to come here with minimal expectations. No one (myself included) would ever expect me to be doing dance, something which I never ever done before. Well, sometimes we need to leave the comfort zone, although the comfort zone is always more comfortable.

50  more days of nonsense here before I go home.
I guess I would miss this place, but of course home is always better.


tidak terlambat






Suddenly I feel so tiny in this gigantic world which seems to be devouring everything that I have (or wished that I have). It really feels miserable knowing that things have stopped going the way I wanted them to be and its end is nowhere near sight.
It's only at moments like this when I realise that I am nobody. Yeah surely I like to behave like some boss everywhere I go but honestly, I am NOBODY. No one owes me a living. All those "toughness" that I give is just a façade to conceal that inner weakness and immaturity of the heart, that I cannot take "no" for answers.
At the end of the day, who am I? Why should people bother about me? Amongst the 8 billion people we have on this Earth, what difference would I make?
Killing oneself shouldn't be a solution. But in times like this it has become a way to run away from all the problems that you face--there is no point solving them when more comes your way.
Fear not, I have not amassed enough bravery to conduct such …