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If you who are growing up do not understand that you have got to defend this,then I say in the end we will lose.

What a week. 5km runs and 6km runs. How happy I am to be the first to come back everytime. Yeah lah, now balls getting bigger already, because I am in my shape again. I will achieve my goal. I WILL. :D

Being Course Platoon Sergeant for a week (and still is, till next week WTF). Being PS is definitely not an easy job, the only thing I enjoyed about it is to give welfare to my fellow soldiers and see them smile, and also shouting Malay commands around lah hahahahaha.

Today is the last day of the year AD 2010.
I can say, that this year, I matured.
Someone said I became tamer.
Some said I became darker.
Some said I became fitter.
Some said I became more rowdy.
And some random asshole said I became hornier.

But no matter what, this year is definitely a great year.
I am surprised that I shed no tears this year, when actually more dramatic events happened these months than the res…

Se sou chuva És aguarela

I like listening to songs in languages that I don't understand.
Becuase if you don't understand the song you'll never find the song boring.

I especially like songs with that ethnic touch feel to it.

There is this song called Todas As Ruas Do Amor by Flor-de-Lis, a Portuguese folk music band, based in Portugal. (duh)

Performing in a suspiciously psychedelic setting, the earnestly expressive vocalist, Daniela Varela is backed with percussion, guitar, cavaquinho, flute, and an accordion.

Portuguese LyricsAngmoh Lyrics
Se sou tinta tu és tela
Se sou chuva és aguarela
Se sou sal és branca areia
Se sou mar és maré-cheia
Se sou céu és nuvem nele
Se sou estrela és de encantar
Se sou noite és luz para ela
Se sou dia és o luar 

Sou a voz do coração
Numa carta aberta ao mundo
Sou o espelho d’emoção
Do teu olhar
Sou um todo
Num instante
Corpo dado
Em jeito amante
Sou o tempo que não passa
Quando a saudade
Me abraça

Beija o mar o vento e a lua
Sou um sol
Em neve nua em todas as ru…

We will dare

我是年青的卫国军 有的是满腔的热血
有的是精力充沛 相信我吧新加坡

我要用这股力量 献身予新加坡
我要把敌人消灭 相信我吧新加坡

The song a bit the 俗 right. Hahaha.
But well, it's upon us to defend this nation, isn't it?

Actually I preferred Singapore the way it was when I first appeared here:
Take bus 30c only, using those magnetic farecardsPeople wore those big square specsMRT Trains announced EVERYTHING in all 4 languagesI play football barefoot with Malay kids, because there were so much green land back then!Playgrounds were more fun with sand, not plasticBus didn't had aircon. I don't like aircon, very cold.Lessons in our time didn't have much stress! At least we had double-sessions, not like my poor brother who ends class at 2~3 everyday. And CCA was a free choice!Ah-ma buys vegetables at Provision Shops and Pasar, not NTUC...

I detest changes. Hahaha. What to do? I'm aging.

Last night happened to be at a friend's church.


How awesomely true.


The computers in SI is damn slow, my grandmother can run faster than it at the speed of light.......

Shall update about the entire week.
Had some fun during the weekends studying about Lines and Cables (for what? carry on reading...)
Sunday went out with Kimyong and Katsun to buy Camera. At the same time looking at cute little salesgirls lah.

Michelle Chong totally owned us by saying that she had no time for us. Well. What to do? :(

Back into camp.....
Do you know where is 亚妈宫 Ama Keng?

Ama Keng is somewhere I trained on Tuesday.
The terrain there is...... horrible.
Luckily I am not there to dig holes. Or I might as well just jump into the river when enemy comes.

The Ama Keng Chinese Temple in Lim Chu Kang was built in 1900 to worship the holy mother, a goddess of peace and happiness. 亚妈 Ama means "grandmother" in Teochew and Hokkien, and 宫 keng means "temple". The first temple was made of attap. The temple was renovated in 1943 with a zinc roof and timber. In 1965…


隅田川夏恋歌 seiya-murai

いつまでも貴方と一緒にと願って叫ぶ玉屋! 鍵屋!

先行く貴方の後ろ姿どうにもつまらぬ私の隣 。

Bandar Maharani

来告诉你我sibeh suka你……

Got myself this Namewee's album. :D

Life is tough in SI.
Not the Infantry kind of tough.
Infantry must wear all those gears and chiong into the forest. How fun. Signals must remember a lot of theory and apply a lot of these skills into actual practice. Will sound more relevant to life, but I really don't like it.

Guess so much ranting can't help with anything, I just got to put my heart down to Earth and do it.

Congrats to 3SG Norman Lee for achieving Golden Bayonet for his Medical Corps Specialist Course.
Good luck to him and wish him all the best.

People enlisted into Army 2 months later than me, and graduated 3 months earlier than me.
Life's a joke.
Especially you ORD in 2011 and the rest of the course graduates in June 2012.

Entwined in stress. Just like how I did seizing and reef knots on cables for the past whole week.

永遠等待 那一日 咱可以出頭天
人生不怕風浪 只怕自己沒志氣
那一日 咱可以出頭天
我盼望的日子 會真快 來到我身邊
We shall see how it goes.

Northwest Movement.

Popping bottles in the ice, like a blizzard
When we drink we do it right gettin' slizzard
Sippin sizzurp in my ride, like Three 6
Now I'm feeling so fly like a G6
Like a G6, Like a G6
Now I'm feeling so fly like a G6
Like a G6, Like a G6
Now I'm feeling so fly like a G6
Anyone knows what the hell is a G6? I only know G6 in Army terms: people who care for our safety yo.

Boring.... Boring Life.......


The computer here are rather dumb.
Dumb in a sense that they display Chinese characters as random squares.
How stupid can they get.
Even my non-Chinese friends recognise the difference between the character ONE and TWO and THREE.

The course so far is brain-draining.
Going to die of brain exhaustion soon.

Remember the days, where we did things like these in the forests.... (this is outside Suntec City anyway haha XD)

Vietnamese Food FTW~~~


Well, finally got time to sit down and update myself on this rather siong week.
And I've only got 30min to do so, 'cos I am needa go Novena at 11, go back to camp to put down my things, and then go exercise and study.

Monday morning went Bt Indah with Yuhung. Normally when I go out alone I don't eat in restoran, so can say is 托他的福 lah, we went to eat some Chinese herbal soup which is very nice. Very very nice. Chinese medicine FTW~~

Then we went to eat Secret Recipe. I love their Mango cakes. I ate two slices. Which is actually not enough normally, but since I ate 3 bowls of rice for the Chinese medicine, it's okay. I'm getting seriously FAT.

At night went to crash NJ Prom '10 with Yuhung and Ka Tsun. Ka Tsun damn popular among girls sia hahahaha

And his picture all long damn funny hahahahahaha

And this is NJ Prom Queen! She deserve it I think lah. By the way, she's a Gan. Hmm. Maybe next year Haoqing can carry on the Gan legacy hahaha.



In half an hour, I will be at my New Workplace: Signals Institute (SI)

Wonder what will happen there. More outfields please.
And for you kids out there, don't anyhow OOC leh, you are soldier leh.

The Prom Night was fun,
and so was the day after.
And I am very tired,
I love my bunk bed more.

しぶきあがる ひばなかけろ

放て!心に刻んだ梦 を未来さえ置き去りにして
限界など知らない 意味无い!
この能力が光散らす その先に遥かな想いを

立ち止まると 少しだけ 感じる切なさに
空に舞うコインが描く 放物线が决める运命
打ち出した答えが今日も 私の胸を駆け巡る

信じてるよ あの日の誓いを

It will be. Definitely.




Spending weekend evenings at BPP Starbucks and Lot One McDonald's for a few weeks.
Trying to pick up on my drawing and some basic archi fundatmentals before going there in 2012. (ONE MORE YEAR TO ORD!!!!!)



When it comes to non-fiction books, Taiwan books are always better. 繁體字FTW~~

There's supposed to be much more (and mostly in English), but I felt the sketches were too cui. Better not to upload lah. Hopefully in the enxt one year things may get better?

It's Hyperactivity.

Friday was an awesome day.
And so is Saturday.

Friday left home at morning, went to Bishan play Jubeat. 5.89..... Levelling up soon.....

Ok. Then went on to Pulau Belakang Mati. Which is Sentosa Island.
Haven't been there since.... Mar '09.

A lot of development. A lot nicer and beautifuler.
But also a lot more expensive. Like a bottle of Coca Cola costs $3. OMG.
But it's definitely good to bring your own food and drinks. And I walked into the island (smuggled actually), so I didn't spend a cent in Sentosa at all.


Then got very interesting buskers performances:

But then it started to pour heavily. :(
So went on to walk around Resort World. Never go before, very BIG PLACE indeed.
TheCoffee Bean is good.
I've always enjoyed Coffee Bean compared to Starbucks. More cozy.
And anyway I'm not a fan of coffee.