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Just returned from Ziyi’s place. His room is in a terrible mess. OMG. It’s one of the worst I have seen in my life already.

Went to many places today. Refused to study. Did 3 Physics MCQ questions before deciding to go and finish my Taiwanese puppet shows. And 爱 in the evening. Damn Mediacorp cut the show to one hour only. No kick.

After went to Clementi West Street 1. On my trail for history. OK lah supposed to go there are retrieve my Physics book, but decided to walk around and see how much stuff have changed for the past 12 years since I left. Nothing much changed. The Senior Citizens’ Corner where those old hags called us 「唐山来的」 while playing chess is still there, with the same scent and the same smiling Buddhas. The playground was still the same. Even the Provision Shops were the same. It’s the people that have changed.

姑婆走了。我迟来了一步。对我们而言,在我们初到新加坡之际,正是这群左邻右舍一直在跟我们串门子,互相帮忙。尤其是姑婆以前很疼我的,经常那些吃的玩的给 我。我外婆每次都跟我说姑婆的生活又多么坎坷,丈夫在她还不到二十岁的时候就被日本人拉去海边作掉了,又要带孩子长大,实属不易。搬来四美后,外婆还经常 去找她…

I love my world, not just its sights and sounds.

Have been breaking too many hearts. People, just stay away from me. I think I am getting weirder and weirder. I have been getting weirder and weirder dreams, and I think I am really gonna do something silly someday. Perhaps this is too much stress to me. Or perhaps that’s because I listen to too much emo songs at night. Or maybe it’s due to this damn hot weather.

I just think I am damn useless. Like I can’t do a simple vectors sum. I can’t complete an AQ. People do not have enough time to finish an exam; I have too much time, because I have nothing to write. Getting 0 percentiles for a subject that I am not good at. And getting another 0% for a subject that I am pretty confident at. 到底是我辜负了世界,还是世界对不起我?Of course this seems nonsensical, 千错万错,当然是自己的错啦。他妈的路是自己选的,要埋怨谁?

For my friends, I love/need/admire/care for/concern about/miss you guys very very much. You guys have always been the one and only centre of my world. And you guys take up a much more important role and position…

sian ah dun wan go maths

“Hi boy, your Sec 3 results doesn’t really seem convincing…. at all. Why do we have to accept you into our course?”
“Because I have a very strong interest and it has always been around my life… And I really want to create something entirely new for our nation and communities.” So this kid was accepted into Singapore Polytechnic, School of the Built Environment. But then, his mother made him reject the offer instead, due to various VERY FORESEEN circumstances. So, this dumb kid ended up in a school “prestigious” school known as National Junior College.

See, people in SP got LIFE one, ok.

Stuck in a school where everybody is mugging and it’s awkward not to mug, what kind of life experience do you expect to gain from this? In ancient China those studious people study so hard just to attend the Imperial Examinations. What is their syllabus? 八股文。Fixed format with fixed content. Just memorise and regurgitate. Of course we do see successful scholars who are useful to the nation, but the vas…

degenerate orbitals.

Saw this post very long time ago on someone’s blog, then posted it on my Chinese blog. Thought this is interesting, so I shall share it here then:
每個人一生中都犯過許多錯誤,就連偉大的領袖也不例外。先总统 蔣公小時後很愛玩,經常翹課跑到學校後面的小溪戲水,母親與老師都對他束手無策。有一天,先总统 蔣公又翹課了。當他站在溪邊尿尿時,突然看見一群小魚向上游。水流是那麼強大,魚兒是那麼弱小,可是小魚奮不顧身地向上游、向上游。這使 蔣公突然覺悟,我們的國家正遭受外人欺負,是該振作起來的時候了,怎麼可以隨地大小便呢?於是 蔣公一肩扛起 國父未完成的革命,拯救中國四萬萬同胞於水深火熱之中。由此可見,錯誤並不可怕,反而是個轉變的契機。






Wah…… 我们这群安娣就跟它拚了!哈哈哈哈哈哈……有没有搞错啊?Even though you pay the TV license every year, it doesn’t mean that you own Mediacorp ok… I like to watch 意难忘 too but this isn't the right way to put it yeah...?Oh on talking about Aunties, I think I am becoming more and more like one. For the first time in my life I actually spend more than $40 in NTUC. OMG, WHAT AM I BECOMING. Another Dian Feng? Hahaha. No way man. But cheap bargains in NTUC is hard to resist!English translation. MADE IN CHINA. FABRIQUE EN CHINE. Quite obvious right.

Free and Easy

Mosque on the left, a straight of shophouses in the middle, a Chinese-style pavilion in the front, and tall flats at the back. HDB must have been really good at planning neighborhoods. This is what I am gonna do in the future, hopefully, after my As.双十节快乐。

Wah Wah

Totally embarassed by Miss Ling today. OMG OMG OMG. I am definitely not a MUGGER!!! If I were a mugger I think the whole world will be full of Shermans. Physics, is a love-hate thing. I would love to score, but hate to chiong for it. Never mind, I believe I still have enough time.Let Ah Huat’s car bless us through the exams:And FIONA has a very very low Laughing Point, like CARMEN. HAHAHAHAHA, non-stop.