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A very temperamental me.
Today had a very very hard match. Lost 21-19! What is this. Mr. Yang you really suck totally. You ought to have won this, if not for your stupid careless mistakes, especially during service. You just disappointed everyone there. You NOOB.

And then move on. At night, there is this IP4 Aerius kid that spurred “F*** off” at me. Of course I cannot accept this, so I went to confront him. And after saying “sorry lah” he just started talking bad about me behind my back. Think I don’t know ah. My balcony can see your room ok.

Not really bothered. It is just that I feel that the old rash, hot-tempered and agitated Yangs is back again. It is coming into me once more. Or maybe it has been hiding inside me for that long lah. Well, nothing much I can do about it. I need a proper channel to vent my emotions lah, just cannot find a suitable one. Counselling sucks, by the way.

If I were in the past I would have went to this guy and punched him in the face. Too bad I belong t…

Holding Tight

I am holding tight. To everything I can grab with.

Motivation is back. Only if I understood certain concepts and settled certain issues elsewhere, then I can settle down nicely and handle my work.

Labor Day is coming. Friday shall take a break and go kai-kai somewhere.
Just saw this Hokkien song on Youtube: 甲你攬牢牢. Eh this is pop song ok, not your grandfather type of songs ok. Quite touching lah, provided you understand Chinese, haha.

Set aside all your troubles. There are always friends to be with you, at your side, for you. Everything will be fine. Trust. In Him.


Took a taxi back to hostel just now. The taxi driver is an old man, probably in his 60s. He complains about his “oily” liver and his encounters in the hospitals and clinic.

Doctor: “Sir, you need to come back for a check-up some other time, because our studies have shown that you have accumulation of fats on the liver. You must be aware of you eat.”

Uncle: “Need to pay extra for appointments or not?”

Doctor: ”Of course lah. may have to do some additional checkups too.”

Uncle: “Can this liver be cured?”

Doctor: “Erm… Current technology says no.”

Uncle: “Walau eh kanasai X$^CV@!*^!@! If no cure then come see you for what?! Still must pay money for useless stuff… BYEBYE LAH!”

He very emo lor. Maybe he seen too much things happening around. And he started complaining how weak our children are nowadays. “Last time step on rusty nail ah, just tap tap the leg and let blood flow out can liao la! Or else put Shiitake Mushroom at the wound and tie bandage! Now the children ah, walau eh pain li…

I choose to keep to myself.

Went home today. Had fun at home with all my cousins and mum and grandma. It is all for her. For reason: She is going back to China tomorrow. And the question is: Will I see her again?

Writing this post in tears is really difficult. But I have to. I want the world to know how magnificent she was to my life. She was the one that brought me from China all the way here (with ah-kong). SHe was the one that sent me to school everyday. She was the one who washed clothes, who cooked, who did chores, who fetched my brother, who bought groceries. She was EVERYTHING.

I am very very sorry to appear emo-ish tonight. The scenery around the boarding school is very tears-inducing. Furthermore, when I talked to her on the phone, the way she expressed her concern to me really really touched me.

I may appear to hate my family at times. There are simply too many strange and complicated things going on in the house. I am actually not that happy-go-lucky guy you see around at all. It is just that I feel …


This is a Chinese saying, meaning that if you gain something, you will lose something somewhere else.
Today is NAPFA day. I improved my 5 items, but my 2.4km Run became SHIT. Only 11:13! How shameful! But it’s OK it’s still a C. If not, I will jump off the NJ Crest in shame.

Surprisingly my sit-and-reach passed, with a C. 43cm! That’s a big improvement! And also my jump, 242! Another big improvement. Some things are just purely luck an  “tyco”. Sit-ups, as usual, new ersonal record of 56. Crazy don’t know do so many for what.

Shall go Simei and Tampines now for some family gathering. After all it would be quite some time before I see them again. Good and bad, that depends.

Shall stone for a while. Ciaos.

Laxing. Bukan laxative.

Enjoying my life yesterday! Ponned a few lessons. Then went shopping for groceries. Then did some mugging. Then went makaning with BRA and Fang. At night, talk cock sing song study China. Damn happy. This is what life should be like lor. Not mug mug mug and attend boring Steven Lee lectures everyday.

Laxing…. Enjoy life. Momma and adik shall leave Singapore this Sunday. Freedom? 不尽然. Many admin stuff for me to settle. I shall see how lor.

Went to Kallang to support JKE today. Not really thrash lah. They did their best lor. At least better than our CCA. I really wonder how we are going to settle next week. Sigh. Anyways, I love hostel life lah.

I love my friends too! =)

Isi, kosong.

Nothing much to brat. I am going down to serious business now. Mug, piano and friends shall be my life. No more wasting time by staring at skies.

Yeah today’s sky is starry. =)

And I am not gay. Just a bit metro. =)


Haha title speaks my feeling.

Anyway today is another Malaysia day. For the first time, I detested being a Singaporean. Why?! Because Singapore is 9-letters long. And the entry card must write the word “SINGAPORE” at least 5 times. SIANS. Why must our country have such a long name? Why not USA or China with less alphabets? Then we can have higher efficiency.

Bought many things. Really many things. FUN. FUN. FUN. Life is good.

Saya tak boleh curi makanan dari fridge le lah. Tak baik. Tapi saya sudah curi banyak makanan these few days. Seperti bakwa, air, susu, anggur, coklat, biskut dan lain-lain. Saya orang jahat huh. Haha cukup le lah.
Now I enjoy being alone. Can settle down and do my own things. No need to feel obliged to mingle with people or feel jealous about anything.

San Min Chu I

Well. Today is good day. I learnt my Binomial Distribution well, despite an empty orange book. I didn’t kena scolding from piano teacher, and had a full dinner (people who know the insights… haha dun say please)
Badminton friendly against the-school-opposite on Monday. Not really prepared. Just see how lor. Not that I am pessimistic, but……. yeah lah. Just buey sai lah.

Had a lot of durians in the dining hall. I love durians! And I didn’t realise actually many scholars liked durians, esp. the Vietnamese ones! I shall buy more and share with them next time. Same for alcohol. Seriously, what is the punishment for drinking liquor in hostel huh?

By the way, today is a starry night. I love starry nights. Give me another chance to get emo. But somehow not in the mood to emosify myself. =)

Shall go JB later. Well it’s later. Cos it is 3.30am already!


Well I guess everyone knew the results of the NJ-NY match. It’s OK. The referee is fair and both teams played well. I am not a commentator and shall not talk about the match itself. All I have to say is I wanna applaud the NJ spirit. For a rare moment NJ cheered loudly for the soccer team. Iit is damn encouraging lah.
Never mind if they lost the game. I think they really played well and they surely deserved our respect. And when the whistle was blown some of us actually cried. Yes, indeed, to many of them, it is their last match. However, who knows, they might find themselves in the Emirates 10 years down the road.

No worries, Bro. Raja, I have got all your GP notes ready. You really rocked hell. And so is the Daniel boy. Today was his virgin match and he was pretty cool. Of course he made some mistakes, but after all, people experienced mah and moreover those mistakes aren’t fatal. So he got potential lah.

Shanise took many pictures of the team. OK. Actually Raja lah. I have to admi…

Pencuri and Rogol?!

Haha I learnt this new Malay word today from TV Mobile, called “rogol”. Ok lah sounds damn damn wrong. Please do not go check Kamus Dewan to find out its meaning.

Today the council thingy is damn fun. Especially the hall, because No. 1, 12, 17 and this “Pseudo President-to-be” were being bombarded at. Damn fun suaning them lah, haha I feel so damn bad.

Some people actually steal food from fridge! Be careful guys!

Yang Ikhlas

I went ot explore the bungalows behind NJ! Saw some cool shops:
This Swiss Butchery is damn good! The ham here and Movenpick here is expensive, but good!

This is the only provision shop I can find around. Not bad lah, all necessary stuff can find here.

Some art shop that I can get ideas to decorate my room.

Posh restaurants to spice up my life, at the expense of my shallow pockets.

What’s this. I have no idea.

When I feel alone, I tend to think many many things. Mostly negative. I shouldn’t be alone then.

Di atas hatiku

Well. Today seems a very good day indeed. I knew how to do most of my lecture test, spammed through GP with my talking, learnt quite a lot of stuff during my chem lecture, and Mr Low didn’t come for chem class. Well, I end school at 11.30am. Then climb fence.

170~~~ All the way through the kastam and on to Mighty Malaysia. Bought a hell lot of stuff. Donuts, birthday card, Pringles, London Choco Roll (yeah I know everyone hates the advertisement during Little Nyonya), Pandan Egg Roll, Durian Dodol, and much more. With RM50 on hand, all these is damn worth!
Gosh why must our economy be so strong. So everything so expensive and so fat-moving. See people in Malaysia enjoying their lives, apart from their not-so-efficient government.

And so, shared a lot of food when I reached NJ. Half the Pringles were gone, only 4 Dodols left, finished my yoghurt drink, and shared my donuts with Norman and gang and one to Li Chen. The donuts are nice! I have never tried donuts before, so I think J.Co i…

Angin Sejuk

Tonight is a fun night. I can’t explain why. Didn’t really do anything much, just a bunch of people watching some funny videos by namewee and celebrated this Derek (dun noe how to spell) guy’s birthday. But felt much better than the first two days when I came. Maybe it is a change in mindset? Or maybe it was just that I so suey last week lah.

Suddenly back in my room after bathing and sorting things, I felt quite cold. In front of people, when I show them my past photos and stuff, I appear very happy and elated. But actually I really miss them. Yeah, I have been repeating these crap for the last 4 posts or so, but there are many things in my heart that I cannot let go. Maybe I need more time. In the deep night, the wind is cold, the computer plays emo songs from Chihiro Onitsuka, and an overwhelming sense of loneliness appear out of nowhere into me.

I wonder what is going wrong. I hate it when I am alone and bored. And yet I wanna be left alone now. My life is simply too happening. I…


This is my half of the room. Decorated with Jolin, Man United Stars ‘99, the O Level Elective Geog Map, and ALL MY TAIWAN BUDDIES!!!!!!! I truly miss them thoroughly lovingly. Gosh I must make my way there at the end of the year. MUST, I PROMISE.

Shall go to JB next monday. Please book your orders from me if necessary. =)

No title today.

Went home today morning. Took some notes with me to go home and mug. Sort of mug lah, but not really in the mood leh. Haha actually I don’t really miss home, just that this place a bit boring. But boredom will make me mug. And make me more independent, which I think I am already lah, but have more room for improvement.

I used to think that scholars are not very nice people. Not as in they are evil, but they very cliqueish and do not mingle with others much. I guess I am wrong. I meet people like Alan, Phong, Cris, Long Hao, Akshay, Pranav and of course my roommate Chun Kit. All these people are really nice people in one way or another, and they are scholars. I was SO wrong in the past, I guess.

Anyway, I feel that I was too 浮躁. As in too easlily agitated. And over all kinds of weird and trivial reasons. I shouldn’t be like this lor. Perhaps it is time for me to settle down and work. A levels is just round the corner. Strong balancing acts will henceforth be required.

Guys, I really d…

Saya tak tinggi.

Wah today another sian day. Skipped 3.5 lessons out of a possible 4, that shows how boring the day is. Sucks, says this hostel. Damn there is no one around now. I feel sibeh lonely, damn sian, damn cui, damn wanna make someone my punching-bag.

Tomorrow must go home. I will try my best to come back to hostel tomorrow night. I don’t want to sleep at home. Sucks.

OK lah not emo already. Juts found this interesting girl called Long Hao and haha talk a hell load of crap. That is what I call enjoyment. Not stoning and just look at other people talk. Haha. Adeus.

Hostel Kali Pertama

Firstly I need to make a very formal announcement. I would not be able to go to JB again. Why? Because the hostel management is gonna keep my passport. Ouch there goes my Nanyang Siang Pau and my Tambun Biscuits and my Pringles/Twisties/Tongkat Ali!!! Gosh! That suck!

The hostel is not bad lah. (OK I take back my words. The hostel infrastructure is good. But I am BORED. DAMN BORED. People around me speak stuff that I don’t understand. People around me just do not care about how I feel. People around me just simply don’t talk to me. I feel so left out and have nothing to do. Now I am so vexed in my room. –12.51am) Just that most of the people here I am not familiar with. I am someone who prefers company, and the people here are all quite dao and clique-ish. You can see China table and Viet table here and there lor.

My roommate is one nice guy. He woke up at 6 and waited for me at the main gate at 6.30 to help me carry my things. OMG so chivalrous. And he is from Chung Ling High School…

Torture in CMPB!

Ho Ho Ho.

CMPB trips always depend on luck. See your station officer is rookie or REAL officer. Sadly, mine happened to be quite noob lah. Kena poked three times on the veins to find blood. Walau eh, brother aim properly lah… Even though I not scared pain, I scared the needle break inside me leh…

Then the eye-check was horrible. My eyes were quite sleepy, so I couldn’t read the bottom row! That sort of turned me off lah, because I have always been proud of my perfect eyesight record. And the ENT test. The beep sound the give me is really so soft… I missed so much that he gave me a repeat, luckily this time round I got them all right. Phew.

Then got this weird officer like cheeko. The moment I entered the room, he say, “Come boy, take off your shirt. Then you go to the mirror and face me. Then you put on my shirt.” I was like, “WTH YOUR SHIRT?!” Oops, he meant the army uniform that I was supposed to wear to take a NS-men photo shot.

Then another man check the “down under”. Kanasai he …

Saya gagal.

I am damn depressed today. I very very the 对不起 Mr Low. Very bad, very bad. It’s all my fault that I didn’t do my work, and that he cancel the trial SPA. Yeah lah other people also never do, but I think maybe he see my cheeky face then he buey song bah.

I feel so sorry. Bad bad me.

Seriously, I just suck. I lost a game to Eru. Not that I will win him, just that my shots were like shit. And even worse, just now I was playing piano my right thumb start to cramp. Thanks Raja for trying to bring my day up. But I just cannot help it lah. Shall tell you about the evil plan some other day lah.

Anyway tomorrow is Medical Checkup. Hope they don’t find some weird disease in me. I know that I confirm cannot get commando lah, due to my weight =( At least I chiong and get officer lah, and please not clerk! I wanna serve my nation!!!

I have thought about it again. It is getting a lil’ awkward. I shall be more frank and 坦诚相对 in the future.

POS--Piece of Shit?

Pos Malaysia was down for a very very very long time already. Horrible. Go online ands search Pos Malaysia. Someone suggested that the POS meant Piece of Shit because of its low efficiency.

Sending letters to Taiwan quite cheap from Malaysia leh. Only 0.95sen:

And their stamps look really damn cool. Better than our jinrickshaw and fish one.

Just went for a short run under the rain. From Simei to Pasir Ris Park and back. Since this is so short I shall not post a map here. People living in the west, it is time for you to figure out the mystic eastern  Singapore.

Argh damn tired. Procrastinating for a long time. Shall NOT study today. I shall sleep. Saw something online which was quite useful for me. Shall practise these tips when the time arrives. Take it slow, like nothing happened before.
Some slight rain today in JB. And it’s quite humid after that. Quite uncomfortable.

Inflation nowadays must be damn high. I don’t remember seeing my ais-krim so thin before:

Like my title, I have decided to promote some stuff in JB which I think is damn worth the value. First, there is this second-hand bookshop which is damn cheap and damn good at Jalan Ibrahim. All English books though. =(

Then there is this bazaar that opens only on weekend afternoons. The food here is good and cheap. Mostly Malay though. See that guy smiling at you? His chickens are damn nice at only RM2.50 ≈ S$1.10

But must be careful lor. The environment is full of vices. There was this old man selling this brown liquid that he claims WITH EVIDENCE that would improve men’s “power”. His evidences are horrid-looking monsters. I shall not elaborate further, lest it causes panic and nightmares.

And lastly, Plaza Kotaraya, the place where I get my groceries, at Jalan Trus. The Pizza Hut here is damn worth! R…

Raja is powerful

WOOHOO Raja caught that penalty! The match today was really good. Too bad I didn’t bring my camera along today! Everyday but today. What a regret. Raja is really a damn good potential player. Must tell Miss Wu on Monday. Actually I can guess her reaction already lah. Hehe.

The match today attracted quite some people lah. Erm, at least 70 or so? Can lah. It’s versus AC, so it is really tough. Aiyah whatever lah. NJ is good. And Norman…. heh heh I better not say, but he is quite slow today isn’t he? Quite bad lah. And so is JKE. Go church lah, huh? Haha next time find a better excuse leh, later sekali on the road kena thunder strike then you know.

The GP consolidation was quite OK. Miss Chua very philosophical leh, cannot catch her ball at all. And Mrs Nair said I am a lazy lad. Haha I admit lah, but so?! Like I care, still early mah. And btw today is my second attempt in AQ my whole life. Wonder how many marks I would get. And Sheryl say I am smart. Smart my head lah. If I…

Coral Sea

Just watched this Shinjuku Incident movie today. It is a really good movie, apart from the parts where hands are being chopped off with blood everywhere. Even though I was happy that Jackie Chan got his revenge by chopping off the hand of the Taiwanese syndicate leader, it is still quite gory and sick lah. AND THERE IS THIS PART WHERE THE HAND IS FRIED WITH CHESTNUTS. YUCK.

I like movies where Chinamen whack up Japanese. Just looks good and feels good.
Just came back from JB. First time ever travelled there at night. Gosh I see mat rempits, zooming their bikes across the road. The town looks more sinful than in the day. But the city looks much more gorgeous at night. Just take the Kompleks Kastam, Imigresen dan Kuarantin as example:

The city is improving lah, but there is this very sad river called Sungai Segget. Its role in JB history is just like Singapore River to us. And both rivers became very very dirty and smelly. However, when we are cleaning our rivers and make i…


Was on youtube. Today’s April fool. The youtube look damn cool:

Damn nice lor. I had to tilt my head!

Gosh I went to HMV and I saw this 海角七号 piano book. I am gonna save money for it. It’s ok; I won’t die without food for a few days.

Today is a boring day. Especially GP. Luckily I used the time wisely, on food. I am so bored during the lesson lah. In order to arouse students’ interest in English the school should hire Angmoh clowns.
I think I am being too much, till a stage where everything becomes uneasy. I think I should think about the consequences a few more times before doing it. And the same time think about how others feels. Maybe because I have not reached that stage of maturity yet.

I haven’t been studying. And I have a hell lot of troubles on hand.
I heard that my room 424 is having a revamp now. Wonder who is my roommate now. North says that it might be him. I hope so. Don’t wanna share a room with someone I am not familiar with. Yeah I know I can mingle around …