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Sometimes I am really shocked at how efficient I am, given the fact that I am a hoarder. I like hoard work for myself, because:
1. I don't trust people
2. I think I know best
3. I seem damn free
4. I try to impress people
5. I don't go hell, then who go hell?

To answer for those reasons on top:
1. 宁可人负我,不可我负人
2. When it comes to saving money, it's always “省省省,mother 最棒”, because mother knows best. So do I.
3. Actually I damn busy but...... God has his provisions for me all the time
4. Because I am a perfectionist and I get really upset if things don't hit my expectations.
5. I am your saviour, bitches.

Obviously this is only the start and will not be a smooth-sailing one, especially since my objective this year is about fixing people's heart. Harmony.




Which explains why KMT gave up in Kaohsiung. The incumbent party is now so confident that they offer so many candidates to …