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a little dream come true

I made a crazy decision last summer (go click on the link if you don't know what I'm talking about).
And I have to say, I am not regretting it.
Okay, I never regret anything. But it has indeed a good choice, not because I can get better grades (though it keeps me very happy indeed), but because I can chase a dream.

Since young I loved things related to the humanities: History, Geography, Politics, Arts. Minus literature.
It came upon me when I entered in to JC,
"Study Arts got future meh."
So I went took Science stream, PCM + China Studies.
Guess what happened.

0 percentile,
U everywhere.

Okay lah. 不是学校的错啦,自己无心向学罢了。

So I was in Archi.
This time round not 无心向学, but 有心无力.
No one was teaching me anything. And I can't understand what is going on.
Perhaps I couldn't think out of the box, but whatever I think was kinda farfetched too.
I thought I could put my heritage knowledge to good use. But I guess I wasn't what they were looking for?