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Just now was at Orchard Road. This little girl came across us and suddenly halted me. So pleaded and begged me to buy her roses which costs $10. A bit the ex huh, but since it's festive season and for charity......... So be it lor.

I wasn't in the mood to buy her roses then, so I told her that I'll be back later to buy. And I TOOK LIKE 10 MINS TO CONVINCE HER. Oh well. So she said okay, she'll be there at about 6.30pm.

I went to Kino and bought a book. I actually kept my promise and went to the place at 6.30pm. Then I sat down a read my book with tea beside me. Then the sky turned dark. It was 7 already. I decided to return to camp.

Oops. No flowers after all.

Moral of the story: Too bad if you can't believe me, I always keep to my promises.


Just spent my Christmas in Pulau Batam with family. It's an awesome thing because I needed to relax and chill and also I've never been to Batam before. I've been to Bintan though and maybe next time I will share about my tragic Bintan experience one day before my A Maths Prelim Papers, heh.

Just don't understand how people can grab small mistakes people make into a big woohah. Making a mountain out of a molehill or something? Talking about racist remarks when the "culprit" was actually being partially correct? He may not have told the total truth but definitely he didn't lie. So what's wrong with that...?!

无暝无日思念会惊 心情无地藏
妈呀,他浓郁的嗓子,真的是用生命唱出来的 :D

macam smoke

A year ago, I resumed my journey to achieving Sergeanthood. It was a time of uncertainty. I didn't know whether I could still pull through. But looking back from now, certainly, I did.

Back were the days, where those new cadets were wondering what a LAOJIAO Corporal was doing here with a Green Beret. And those were the days, where I shared stories of the jungles and hills with my course-mates. And indeed those were the days, where we quell the fear of making our faces look like watermelons and do presentations amidst time constraints and deep intense pressure. 事实证明了,一切的得来不易,只会让对它更加珍惜。

我坐在床前 望著窗外 回憶滿天
生命是華麗錯覺 時間是賊 偷走一切
七歲的那一年 抓住那隻蟬 以為能抓住夏天
十七歲的那年 吻過他的臉 就以為和他能永遠

有沒有那麼一種永遠 永遠不改變 擁抱過的美麗都 再也不破碎
讓險峻歲月不能在臉上撒野 讓生離和死別都遙遠

我坐在床前 轉過頭看 誰在沉睡 那一張蒼老的臉 好像是我 緊閉雙眼
曾經是愛我的 和我深愛的 都圍繞在我身邊
帶不走的那些 遺憾和眷戀 都化成最後一滴淚

有沒有那麼一滴眼淚 能洗掉後悔  化成大雨降落在 回不去的街
再給我一次機會 將故事改寫 
或欠了他一生的 一句抱歉

有沒有那麼一個世界 永遠不天黑
星星太陽萬物都 聽我的指揮
月亮不忙著圓缺 春天不走遠 
樹梢緊緊擁抱著樹葉 有誰能聽見

耳際 眼前 此生重演 是我來自漆黑 而又回歸漆黑 
人間 瞬間 天地之間 下次我 又是誰

有沒有那麼一朵玫瑰 永遠不凋謝  永遠驕傲和完美 永…


Malingering is a medical term that refers to fabricating or exaggerating the symptoms of various disorders for a variety of motives, including financial compensation; avoiding work or military service; obtaining drugs; or simply to attract attention or sympathy.

Sometimes I'm really glad and thankful that I'm so cheena. At least I can share the virtues of 岳飞 文天祥 and 于謙. I know my purpose. Of course my garang-ness have eroded through time, and with our Service Motto of SLEEP THROUGH SKILLS, obviously the watermelon-faced will evolve into the 朝九晚五-type office worker.

If being in the Force have been so miserable and since it has all along been an obligation, why not just migrate and leave this place for good? No one owes you a living anyway, you might just be happier. As far as I know, I eat sleep shit here, and this is where I belong. I've been grateful for what my family and I have acquired, in comparison to our past.

It'll be a matter of time for you understand the tru…


Everyone knows, that I kept a kitten. But the kitten passed away on Saturday. It died so cold and stiff.

I tried hard to raise it. I disciplined myself to wake up at odd hours just to feed it and change it's hot water bottle, which I used as a substitute to its mama's warmth.

Definitely something went wrong somewhere, but I don't know where and I don't know how.
And keeping an abandoned newborn kitten in Camp, is just something not anyone will do.

Good bye, and see you next life.



很显然,我对精神层面的重视绝对超越对于物质的追求。正如我在前文所言道, 心灵空虚者,即便家财万贯又有何用呢。