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Have been very very very busy these few days.
Learnt essential life skills, like:
Ironing a dozen clothsPumping dieselOperating generatorsSmiling
Pretty awesome job I have? You bet!

Bulan Kertas

It's a Barnum and Bailey world,
Just as phony as it can be,
But it wouldn't be make-believe
If you believed in me.

Went to watch Norwegian Wood with Dianfeng, Zhihao and Normy.
Pretty interesting show, I don't know how to describe already, it's kinda explicit. Never watch this in uniform I swear.

Oh well, not the kind of movie I expected it to be.
Thought the movie was a little to draggy and long, without much twist.

Okay lah, anyway I thought Midori (水原希子) was quite hot.


Crystal Jade $40, with 芋角 海蜇皮(Norman hates this) 四川酸辣汤 姜葱牛肉面 芦荟桂花蜜 woohoo~
Secret Recipe another $20 with 3 cakes and one yogurt drink.

No choice, I had to go for 6km run after that around Choa Chu Kang. So much food is damn sinful. How to be a good soldier like that!


Buku Siri Praktis Cemerlang Imbuhan PSLE Bahasa Melayu merupkan sebuah buku latih tubi yang memuatkan 50 latihan Imbuhan yang: dapat membiasakan murid-murid dengan soalan-soalan Imbuhan PSLEmengandungi kepelbagaian tema yang mencabar minda
Recently bought a Malay assessment book. PSLE standard one. My Bahasa has become damn cui already. Kanasai lah all the beR-, meN- and peN are damn easy, but the -kan, -i and teR- aren't.

Suddenly got this crazy idea of travelling to Melaka by train after seeing 3SG Minshing's trip to Thailand by bike on Facebook. Travelling alone has always been cool. The nearest KTM station is only at Tampin 淡边 though. Train tickets still okay lah, $27 only. Should be an adventure. HAHAHA.

If you are to give up a fun but volatile life, to exchange for a siong but stable life, would you want it?
I have to say, I might not be going to Archi next year. In fact, I might not be in NUS next year. And the next. And the next next.

Recent events have made me ponder a…


Time is like, cleavage. Squeeze a bit, you'll have more of it.


Have been doing quite a lot of random stuff recently, like doing deals or running errands for some goods etc. Which a lot of people says that it is not nice for me to be treated this way.

Depends on how you look at it actually. If one chooses to think that this is absolute saikang and a ranked personnel shouldn't be doing this, he will only live in despair for the entire day. He will give people a sian face. He will make his colleagues sian as well. The mood of the entire workplace will be simply, SIAN.

Why not look at it a different way, like wondering why your boss chose to give you this so called saikang job instead of others. Maybe because you're fit enough? Maybe he wants to give you to treat it as a learning opportunity? Or maybe he simply wants to see how zai you are?

Hmm. We shall see how the situation goes then.

Anyway screw the rain yesterday, it has made my job pretty difficult. And worse, M…


Went to Kinokuniya yesterday. Bought this Hand-made DIY Camera I've always been wanting to buy. It's only $50 by the way, damn fun!

Learning Japanese is useful. Seriously. It's like all the instructions are in Japanese, you can't understand, then that's it, Hong Kan already.

A fine welcome to SCS, my fine young gentlemen who is about to engage on their awesome journey to being a Specialist. Have fun during your 8 weeks. Have fun deciding to sign on or not!

Dengan Banggaan, Kita Memimpin!

step up transformer

I seldom see MVs that make sense nowadays.

Drinking tea makes you calmer.
It's time to be less hyper and less gay. Hahahaha.

Because, everything happens for a reason.

the 5level

Emails can come at flooding rates. Like, whoosh.
The power of CC and BCC is kinda, cool, just like how Facebook "tag" is used.

Life's a challenge. But please bring it on!

I'll reach the next stage to realize all.


Shooting. *BANG BANG*

Taiwan food is awesome. Better than SFI.

rehatkan diri

It's good to take a sprint.
Because when you sprint, you won't think.

I hate to think nowadays.

Hidupan terhilang.

What have I been doing so long, for so many years?!
Maybe I should have been working harder.
Maybe I should have been more sane.
Maybe I should have been less selfish...

Have you ever wondered, is it better to have parallel lines, or intersecting lines?

Parallel lines never meet. Intersecting lines meets at a point, and then drifts further and further.
The choice is yours. 我是不想做个过客就对了。

Whatever. Now I'm pretty stuck. =(
[Yang dikejar tak dapat, yang dikendong berciciran.]

Anyway it's payday so I spent a bomb in JB.
Starbucks tumbler, Coffee Bean tea leaves (yeah I buy tea there cannot is it), Body Shop x3. and loads of food!

Life sometimes just sucks, and unfair, but that's because, we never work hard enough.

you need a Keluar Baris

How much money will get in 2 hours time??? =DDDDD

He can speak 3 dialects, compared to our one and only Mandarin. 也算是个lingustic talent吧。


搬家Uncle:有没有抽烟?(taking out a pack of Marlboro Menthol) 我:Errr.... 没有啦。(stunned as he lighted his stick IN THE VEHICLE with windows closed. Dammit.) 搬家Uncle:做莫不要抽烟,抽烟才长命leh 我:Err..... 我当兵,抽烟不方便啦…… 搬家Uncle:Walau, 当兵?!当什么兵,当逃兵啦…! 我:Buey sai lah... Bo beh zao eh.... 搬家Uncle:有没有女朋友。年轻人没有去拍拖啊? 我:没有空。(kinda irritated already) 搬家Uncle:哪里没有空,回家在房间里面chop-chop很快的嘛……
WTF. 跟这种人讲话真的会起肖、疯掉

如果你不出去走走,就以为这就是全世界。 Nā-sī lí bô tshut-khì kiânn-kiânn, tiō í-uī tsit tiō sī tsuân sè-kài.


Noruuei no Mori

I guess Kinokuniyais the best place to chill in Orchard Rd so far. Do enlighten me with somewhere better though.

I needa catch up on movies yo.

andante sedikit

I wanna go, but Where got time!

My whole life fits into a twelve-foot square box. Wow.

Those who watched Eat Pray Love should have heard of this phrase before bah. It's a pretty motivational show I think, I never thought life in such a way before. Hmm.

Most probably I will be extending service for another half a year till Jun '12, for I have nothing to do till Aug next year and I don't really have much money to go tour the world. The SPENDTHRIFT BIG TIME regrets not saving enough money... D:

That said, people don't have to travel to MANY MANY places just to gain exposure or experience. Staying at one place long enough is actually the same; experiencing LIFE, I put quality over quantity.

There is term commonly heard in Taiwan called 慢活. 对于「慢」,我们向来待之如弊。
一言以蔽之:慢活便是平衡──该快则快,能慢则慢,尽量以所谓的tempo giusto生活吧。

緩下來擁抱生命 才不至於被時間追著跑 時間的主人is格調的擁護者and享受美好的玩家
所以絕非凡事must Do it Quick告捷作速急就章

Might be …

Work tanpa Wayang

一张皮,两张脸。做office就是酱辛苦,要忍受别人的鸟言鸟语。Why not 鸟语花香 instead?

Mulai Kerja....

Finally. Today is the official day I can start my work, literally, albeit for a half-day due to some parade.

I'm a person who hates unpredictability. Why can't some things just go as they were planned? GRRRR.

That said, I need something to pacify my sweet tooth:


Okay. After one night of awesome sleep, I can finally recap what happened during this crazy week. It's pretty traumatising lah, I am still a bit in the shock right now.

That's when life essence comes along:

Confidence and arrogance; in between, it's a thin line.

best effort

After so long in Army, I am still that emotional me. Hahahaha.
I've got a fit body but a weak heart huh.