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501: 跑地牛 running dee gu

It's a two month hiatus! Wow. Life is mundanely exciting. Went to Canada and stayed at this Auntie Linda's home. Super nice~~~ And seen snow for the first time in my life.

When it comes to postdating my posts I just get real lazy. So let's just talk about what happened these couple of days okay.

Our Archi course was tasked to look for kiosks and be ready to design a better one along Selegie Road. The target I have in mind right now is the gao luck man. I have no idea why Buah Berangan, better known as 栗子, is called Gao Luck. But anyway I had to run around Singapore to find these people with woks and gas cylinders; it certainly isn't easy.

There is this Chinese phrase called 跑地牛. Who is 地牛?

地牛, in modern context, means NEA officials. Do you know that selling fruits outside the MRT station requires a permit? Do you know that the Gao Luck man has to change his location every now and then to avoid them?

Legal or not, it isn't my problem.
But I would never live in a city…