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Now I am, blogging at a random computer. Guard Duty last night was a tough one. In case you haven’t realised, I haven’t slept from 1.30pm till now. And most probably I am not going to till tonight 10pm. Then tomorrow go for Field Camp. Thank God I have a rather understanding Section Sergeant. Upcoming event: Combat Service Badge. Gonna cross waters and march an even further distance of 32km. (28km I thought was quite a killer liao hahaha, but I shall prevail, as usual) Gonna be pretty busy, this weekend is burnt again, but get to book out on Sunday night and book in on Monday night. Clubs don’t open on Sunday nights right. Sians. Think I shall go JB lah. ever mind, those regulars all got a lot of plans one. Nowadays I mingle with them very very well hahahaha. Life as a regular actually quite exciting, nowadays the enciks give a lot of things to do, making myself feel more useful. Especially when I haven’t signed finish everything yet, I have no obligations to do all thes…


My weekend is BURNT. How would one feel?

Aiyah cannot help it one lah. Now hiong a bit, after July than can slack le mah. We shouldn’t be so short-sighted right… We cannot just think how the organisation can contribute to ourselves; we must also think how we can contribute to the organisation, to 完善 it right…

With some new additions to our company, a lot of them think I am nuts to sign on as specialist, since I am A level. Yeah lah officer got high rank high pay but so what. I like 脚踏实地 cannot is it.

Suddenly I realised I like the smell of gunpowder. OMG.

Kawan di atas. Always.

友情当然比爱情重要啦。Friends are above everything to me, 没有必要为了一些感情问题而伤了和气嘛。
[If you are curious why I wrote this, my 2-yr badminton doubles mate told me something that inspired this post. Good luck dude!]

core values.

THINK PROPERLY BEFORE YOU SIGN ON AH. Don’t see people sign then you sign hor……..

And I really don’t want to crossover. Stop psycho-ing me. I lack the calibre okay, cos I don’t mingle around with RJ people.

rumput. rambut.

I cut my hair again. Because I got BERET liao (yeah Infantry one is dark green)!!!!!! Now Senior already leh, cannot anyhow play play in camp le.

Had a puff (two puffs, rather) of Winner and Marlboro in training shed. Hmmm. The aftertaste sucks. Don’t really like it. Winner got a bit of banana taste though.

Not enough sleep at home. Shall go back camp early to catch up with sleep first. Sometimes I don’t feel like booking out sia, so far from my house, MRT so damned crowded I cannot sleep also….. Might as well stay overnight in bunk then go home the next day right. More efficient.

That said, this Saturday a bit burned lah, got some firing stuff. And this whole course got quite a few weekends kena burned, but then when it comes to holidays, we get REEEEAAAALLLLLYYYYY long ones. And then go Taiwan. Hahahahahaha.

For our brothers in Pulau Tekong right now, if you come SCS, remember to call me SENIOR. Or else you kena knock it down. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.


いつになれば 2人は進展するの?

Hahahahahahahaha how true.

Yawns~~~~ Three days of training only. SO HIONG ALREADY! First day got 5km run le. Yesterday got Strength Training. On top of that, I went for Physiotherapy. It’s horrible, ARGH.
“You know why your knee pain? Because your knee the cartilage a bit wear and tear, then rub against each other. You know why they rub? Because your muscle not strong enough, cannot hold them back. So, come to our gym and TRAIN TRAIN TRAIN TRAIN TRAIN…………….” Sialah. So I got two Strength Trainings in one day. Luckily I went to JP after that to buy $50 worth of food to stock up in bunk. Durians included of course. 霹雳州猫山王. Come on lah, you Singaporean annot, even Cina Babi like me also eat please…

Today SOC. Damn tired lah. And it’s damn fun to play with my identity again hahahahaha. My identity always seem to be a mystery everywhere. Never mind lah, they still got 13 weeks to figure that out.

a beret.

Pain everywhere. But life still goes on, and stress becomes much greater, as you become prominent for all sorts of crap, haha.

But please, stop trying to persuade me to somewhere ‘higher’, dear Encik. I really don’t deserve it. I chose this path. I will finish it.


There are many ways to chaokeng.

First time doing this. This is terrible. Like thief like that. ARGH.


Kami mahu membantu anda…. Jika tidak, putus jari-jarinya…… Kalau tiada jari, saya ingat awak boleh lari…… Tak boleh, kerana kami akan memotong… Ah long akan ambil ini pisau potong lu punya tangan tau….! Pinjam wang banyak-banyak manis mulut tapi lepas itu lari…..HAHAHAHA JOKE SHOW BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!!Just came back from Popular. WTF, there are assessment books for kindergarten kids?!?!?!?!??! Walau eh nowadays the kiasu parents ah, the boy so small 5 years old only also want him to study ah? Tsktsktsktsktsktsk.Block leave finished! Tomorrow book in. Thursday book out. Thursday book in again, Friday book out. This week seems awesome.



And this is my new home. Looks a bit too lavish for people like me to stay in right. It’s ok, I also don’t like stay in this kind of place.

sudah habis

Hahaha 进个广告先……
Jurong Point 三楼 FairPrice Xtra 门口旁边有间非常非常好吃的ice cream yogurt shop,里面有很多不同年龄的漂亮妹妹,the price also……… can lah, affordable for NSmen, especially idiots who sign on!!!
8 weeks pass damn fast. Graduation Parade already. End of Foundation Course. So everybody is busy praying hard for their posting, other than me. Because I sign on Infantry, so confirm go Infantry mah. Stupid Ziyi keep asking random people to call me to dissuade me from completing my application process, haha. Sorry ah, I stubborn one can, you need a REALLY GOOOOOD reason for me to do so. INFANTRY ROARZ, we will defend our country, WITH OUR LIVES!    

Had a Muster Parade on Monday, with me as Kumpulan Bendera (Flag Party) IC. Lesson learnt:

Practice makes Perfect. 
High Confidence = High Performance. It’s good to learn Bahasa Melayu ah, everything comes in handy.
Went for Physiotherapy in the noon. SAFTI/OCS is really beautiful. Like all the Architecture damn nice lah. And got chance to lepak around so…

As usual, my week is ALWAYS HAPPENING sial.

Yeah. Damn happening, especially this week.

Went to do some shooting. OUCH. 10kg weapon on my back, and I still must carry a rifle and chiong and shoot. ARGH ARGH ARGH ARGH. Repeat the same damn process 4 times some more. ARGH ARGH ARGH ARGH ARGH. Tired like shit lah. Then returned to Lines at 1am. Then clean rifle till 4am, and when everybody starts to sleep I wash my clothes (cos I am a filial and HYGIENIC son, I don’t STORE dirty clothes to bring home!!!) till 6 plus. Then sleep a bit, 7.30am wake up, ready to go for new activities, which is basically SLEEPING SESSIONS.

Hmm so then, I went for a nights-out with my section-mates. Again, Jurong Point lah. Go 100 times until sian already. Got this Israeli girls selling their Dead Sea salt and keep pestering me. Sialah, I wearing army uniform leh, don’t do this to me lah can?! Then we went 3rd floor to eat some very DELICIOUS ice-cream/yogurt, sold by one of our cutest and hottest AUNTIES *ehem ehem*. You guys should try …