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Boon Lay stinks like hell. There is damn weird pungent odour in the air... YUCK. I wonder how Boon Lay peeps stand this place. Maybe they can start an Anti-Pollution Party and then send them to Parliament. Hmm..
There was these Vietnamese girls who hogged the TV from 8pm, watching Ch 5. When I entered at 10 I told them I want to change channel. They say OK, but when they saw Ch 8 they just went to the TV and changed back to Ch 5 and watch this retarded show called “How did we do it” or something like that. Now I understand why some people don’t like Vietnamese so much.
And these bunch of China scholars just keep speaking English to me, even though I kept replying them in PROPER Chinese. Yeah, the supposedly-American-accented-but-sound-like-crap English. I don’t care how they thought. It’s either they think that because I am Singaporean so my Chinese buey sai, or they wanna flaunt their English. But I just don’t like their accent. So obvious that they fake the accent one lor. Too much Ca…

Folly Me.

Now start thinking about the past. Some traps that I fell into are actually avoidable. Why was I so naive and gullible in the first place. Why I so stupid? But it’s okay, I have no regrets of committing those mistakes. Those wonderful past are meant for the past. 365 days have passed already and I should carry on. Leave it. Leave it to the past.The Marists Creed goes “I am Maris Stella……. Lastly, I believe that what is worth doing should be done well, and cheerfully.” You can have all the things that you desire, I do not care. But thank you anyway for the days when I felt special, even though it wasn’t a truthful and mutual one. Thank you. Enjoy your life.


I just can;t believe this. I am waking up late everyday! WTF is this I have never been late so habitually and now the alarm rings I just go click it and continue to sleep. Where has my wake-up-at-5am attitude gone too? This just sucks.


Hoho Chen Shui-bian is convicted guilty, and the Inspector damn imba. She used all those cheem cheem proverbs and kept suaning him. These are some of her famous quotes:“尔俸尔禄,民脂民膏。下民易虐,上天难欺。”“与国际专业洗钱集团不相上下,真的是前所未见!”“阿扁错了吗?真的错了。”“‘像陈水扁’已经成了骂人的话。”“总统是人民的公仆,不是乔事情的黑道大哥!”Wah this kind of Inspector need applause lor. Chinese so cheem, can send her go become journalist liao. The news confirm damn juicy one.


Have been watching this documentary for the whole damned day to figure out fresh points for my stupid China thesis. This video is about the DPP, Chen Shui-bian’s party lah. Really changed my view of them. The founders were such romantic and idealistic people. Yet the members now are ruining it, seriously it’s a pity. There goes this Chinese saying, 人心叵测. Sometimes peoples' behavior actually changes according to the environment. Yeah in a positive sense this means high adaptability. However most of time, they are just cunning and crafty foxes who do anything to achieve their goals. Even around me there are many people like that. Yeah lah I very gullible is it, some people just 过河拆桥 and do not credit you for anything.In the past where these bunches of 老前辈 unite together to oppose the hegemony of the KMT they really suffered a lot of hardship and difficulties, because the KMT had vast resources and power in their hands. On one occasion the KMT sent gangsters to kill almost the entire…


It’s a freezing day. Saw mist on Bukit Timah. This kind of mountain mist is known as 山岚 in Chinese. I remember when I was at 合歡山 and 太魯閣 I see these stuff everyday. Here in Singapore, it’s really uncommon.
I have always loved Mondays. I end school early, and pon lectures. Virtually there are not much lessons going on lah. Went ot GP consol and learnt some new stuff about this country called Ecuador. And then had this Chemistry test today. I wanna bang my head on the walls because I made a stupidly stupid careless mistake at the last question.
I am gonna resuming the practice of doing newspaper cuttings. I have stopped doing so since Sec 3 because I didn’t have much time, but now I think it is pretty useful to gather information, especially I have two content-based subjects, GP and China Studies.
Argh damn. It’s really really cold. I am gonna cook some Mushroom Chicken Soup later. Then can bring to school and share with everyone. Or every one. Whatever, my GP sucks anyway.


Tennessee. Alaska. Wyoming. Delaware.

Who would’ve known
That pride is so hard to swallow
As I rest on the shoulder
Or a road growing colder with the trouble I own
Should I just keep on driving?
I know I must be doing something
Head the other way, back to where I started out
Ask myself if I can turn it all around tonight
And stop living with doubt

Today I went to climb Bt Timah with SCG. Started jogging since 11am, reached Al Azhar at 1 plus. Reached Summit at 3.30. Then walk all the way to Little Guilin at about 5pm. Then tuition at Orchard Plaza. What a hectic day. Did some Kinetics, not really easy stuff. Monday got Inorganic Chem Test. Should be senang lah, huh.

Just bought Daughtry album (Hahaha I noe what you are thinking now, Paul). Very nice. My knowledge of English songs damn low lah, must start to improve already. Must 跟國際接軌 mah… Or else people like my roommate will keep laughing at your ignorance.
I am not emo today lah, just very very shack and tired. Have been thinking too many things. Arms, legs and brain all work too …

Lor Sesuai.

Today is a wonderful day. Went to NUS Bt Timah Campus for this China Foreign Policy thingy. It’s damn good, the Professor was damn nice… Haha now I have his contacts, can spam him with all my queries liao.Went to many places today. Went to Jurong Point for some shopping, then changed my clothes at hostel and then ran all the way to Bt Timah Train Station. WHere is that? Somewhere opposite MGS lah. Next time I promise post picture k, cos camera not with me. Then “climbed” Bt Batok. Not really climb lah, after all the hill is so small. But I like the quarry lake and the sharp sharp cliff. Looks very nice, got the 崇山峻岭 feel. Makes me feel that Singapore is a mighty nation.I just saw my China Studies paper, which included a Source-based question with 4 parts and two essays. My source based was quite okay lah, up to my standards. The essays is one up one down. The one on Sino-Japanese relations is better, but the one on Migrant Workers is really shitty, like 11 out of 30?!?! Teacher’s comm…


Haha watched the 海角七号 movie again. For the fourth time already. Still very nice show. It's gonna be a classic for me. The story still lingers within me. 范逸臣 is damn hot ok. That is what a MAN should look like.

Have been chionging a lot of Chem lately, not because I love Chem, but because Chem department like to leave a lot of homework. Which is good, after all we need practices and revision, don’t we? This is so unlike Physics, where teachers generally don’t leave homework. Till now, I don’t know what my Physics teacher wants! =(

我一直在趑趄不前。我究竟在等什么 呢?Aiyah put your brains into studying lah, think so much crap for what. As if you everyday dream dream dream then the dream will come true like that…

Leave it to be. To be, or not to be, is none of my business, actually.


There is this Carlos Labs applet online. Damn cool. It lets bomb any place you want on Earth using any nuke, or the Armageddon---Asteroid impact!!! I promised to bomb Penang first by allying North Korea, so this shall be the end result:Yeah this what happens when you use the largest nuke on Earth.And the following is what you get when you blast an asteroid:MUAHAHAHAHA. I feel so evil.


School life is damn good. You have little kids in hostel, those JH3 ones. It’s quite interesting to see them copy their homework from online lah. It brings me to think about my O Level Bio SPA, the catalase and potato with hydrogen peroxide thingy…This SHERMAN ah…. Walau eh…. Mention my name twice on his blog already ah…. I shall publicise his blog for him lor… I where got like Jap girl only. I like girls of all kinds yo. And I don’t spam my hugs. SHERMAN, YOU’VE LOST THE PRIVILAGE TO BE HUGGED MY ME…. Don’t buy Prata from Sixth Avenue lah, kanasai….Damn I forgot what to write again. Was about to feel emo, then lost the mood. Haha


Dr Tun Mahathir, just posted a new blog post. He said that “the ethnic group with a 4000-year civilisation and constituting 26% of the population” (come on lah, everyone knows who he is referring to LOL) has been eroding the indigenous and inalienable rights of the bumiputeras. I am not here to rebut him or whatsoever, but I thought the comments people post on his blog is interesting lah:And there is another one ianhe Zaobao, which is trying to prove the world how China’s never-ending sandstorms can save the world from…… Global Warming! WTF. These “scientists” claim that China sand contains rich amounts of Fe, so they provide nutrients for the algae and fish and whatever organisms in the Pacific Oceans lah. And also the sand particles can reflect light, hence reducing our global warming. If that’s case…. Indonesians must be feeling outright cold there ‘cos they refuse to sell sand to us and all the Sunlight is henceforth being reflected away. I shall bring a jacket to Batam next time.…

So far away.

Haha watched the 海角七号 movie again. For the fourth time already. Still very nice show. It's gonna be a classic for me. The story still lingers within me. 范逸臣 is damn hot ok. That is what a MAN should look like. Have been chionging a lot of Chem lately, not because I love Chem, but because Chem department like to leave a lot of homework. Which is good, after all we need practices and revision, don’t we? This is so unlike Physics, where teachers generally don’t leave homework. Till now, I don’t know what my Physics teacher wants! =(我一直在趑趄不前。我究竟在等什么呢?Aiyah put your brains into studying lah, think so much crap for what. As if you everyday dream dream dream then the dream will come true like that… どうかこの祈りを
あふれてる時代で Leave it to be. To be, or not to be, is none of my business, actually.

C’est Joli

Decided to leave this blank, because I forgot what to write on the bus.

Bukan Racist. Tak Akan Racist Lagi.

Today seems peaceful. I can put my mind doing more useful things, like visiting the dentist and reading newspapers and my beloved “The Economist”.While reading about the racial riots in Xinjiang I just turn cold lah, I have no idea why. I have no connection to that ulu-ulu place at all and I do not see why I should feel pity and sympathise them. But I am indeed doing so. Well but anyway I have decided not to crack racial jokes anymore, because I don’t want to get chopped into pieces if such riots happen in Singapore again. Seriously it is very grieving to see Uyghurs whacking the Chinese and vice versa, with the other funny funny races putting their leg into the affair as well. Why do things that appear placid on the surface normally develop into such a huge incident in such a short time? What is the hatred/angst/animosity that has been grooming between the two races that have always been appearing to be “brotherhood” according to government reports?May such things never happen in Sin…


Argh. Must bad karma flowing through recently. Feelin’ real real real bad. Have been into loads of troubles. This feeling just suck. WHY WHY WHY WHY.

Time To Mend Your Ways

祸不单行。This is so true lor, these few days the life like shit lah, kana sai problems everywhere. Shall try to handle them all. What kind of shit I never experience before. Walau.  {9pm}Well I guess I am at fault. Seriously. Causing so much trouble, what could one have expected from me? Array of confusions I am now, I just attract attentions to myself, most of the time negatively, what do I wanna achieve from this?I should put down myself and rendah hati. Humble, modest, that’s what I should do. At least for now. {11pm}Not exactly in the mood to post now already, but today’s trip to the museum is really special. I went to the Arts House @ The Old Parliament and the Asian Civilisations Museum. For one of the rare moments I felt proud for being NJCian, because I think NJ donated quite some money to the museums so there made it free for NJCians to enter the compound. The Kangxi exhibition was over and now they have this Asian Cultures exhibition, including SEA, Indian Subcontinent, China an…

You are my wonderwall.

Godamn it I was actually late for school?!?!?! And yeah lah I am SERIOUSLY in mugging mode. No jokes yo, Chem exam is seriously a disappointment. 10 full days of mugging isn’t enough!!! So must mug hard k, 2 more months to Prelims.Because maybe
You're gonna be the one that saves me
And after all
You're my wonderwall So much shit coming along, I am confused.

So into mood

OK as everyone are starting to see, yes Yang Sheng is mugging. For goodness sake, EVEN he is mugging. So why shouldn’t you mug?And yeah I am starting to love my days in NJ. Never so expectant for eons in NJ. Haha. Must because of some factor lah. DJL you know best lah. Haha.Wah sian, Mrs Tan just dampened my happy mood lor. She scold me for wearing “vulgar” shirts. Well, I am stupid lah, I wear that kind of shirt and walk into canteen for what. Stupid right. Aging lah, brain rosak liao.As the sky turns dark, every time I will start thinking of some crap. Don’t know why lah. Pearlyn last time say guys like to think stupid things on bed at night. Quite true leh. Sometimes memories of the past will flow back, sometimes stupid Hokkien song lyrics will come into my head and stay there for ages. And sometimes I do stupid and nonsensical daydreaming.And yeah I had loads of weird dreams during the June holidays. And yeah some of which are disgusting. When I say DISGUSTING, it is really DISGUS…

Kami Warganegara Singapura……..

Today went for some body checkup at Orchard Road. My parents, for unknown and perhaps stupid reasons, wanna migrate to Canada. OMG. WHY Canada? I would rather they migrate back to China lor. At least they can speak the same language, eat the same food, experience the life where they used to be.

And anyway during my conversation with Doc Da Costa (cool name), he said that people who went Canada in the end all told him that it was a nice place, much better than Singapore. I guess he was trying to assure me lah, but seriously I feel perfectly alright to be Singaporean, why would I wanna be citizen of somewhere else? Our government says: ”Singapore is our homeland, this is where we belong”, "We must ourselves defend Singapore”, "No one owes Singapore a living”, etc etc. What’s so nice about going overseas and contributing to THEIR economy. Is the theory that 外国的月亮比较圆 true?

And I found this random comic strip on It is a wikipedia project that makes a moc…


Well. Nose bleeding time.Yeah today is a tiring day, with the CCMC inauguration ceremony and stuff. Damn tired. I wanna lie on the train track when I was about to go home.OK I am really tired. Shall stop here.

Dari Hari Ini. That’s it.

Today is kinda a moment of change for my life. My direction will change. I am not sure what angle I would be, but I would definitely change, if I carry on this trend. LIMPEH SHALL MUG THROUGH THIS FEW WEEKS AND CHIONG TILL I GET THROUGH PRELIMS. And yes guys I mean it. After all I have decided to go UCL in UK. Yeah it’s kinda ex, so I must get scholarship from my dear HDB or URA. Yeah that’s it. 朕心以定,众爱卿还是少来劝朕了。还有,今天我happen to了解到过去所忽略的事情。但愿这是个契机,是时候我做些什么了。毕竟,两年同窗不是用三言两语就可以说拜拜的,对吧……And today’s GP was very very interesting. Because there were two videos about this Chek Jawa and this philanthropist/charity fanatic. It seems that our dear GP department finally decided to localise some of their contents. And wonderful, this is the first time I did not rely on subtitles to enjoy a English film. Maybe because it is Singlish bah. Haha.人讲话还是要经过大脑的。

ㄨㄛˇ ㄒㄧㄤˇ ㄏㄨㄟˊ ㄊㄞˊ ㄨㄢ!

Suddenly I turned so nostalgic. So many of my Taiwan kawans appeared online. And looking at that ever-increasing pictures on my bed I just feel… so… touched. And feel so sad, because they are really nice people. And because I know simply too many people.

Yeah and I finished my goadmned map, after 4 nights of minimal sleep. TA DAH!!!~~~~~:

PEACH is for the Aborigines 原住民,

NAVY for the Mainlanders 外省人 (aka Chinaman),

and BROWN for Hakka 客家人.

So since I finished my map already, regarding the stupid thesis, here is another one regarding the 2004 President elections:

BLUE are KMT supporters. GREEN are DPP supporters. Deeper intensity=Greater support.

Recognise any trend between the two maps?

Yeah the North and the East are blue. The South is green. Mainlanders vote for Blue, because they love China. And so are most Hakkas and the tribesmen. The local Hokkiens tend to go for Chen. Yeah. That’s it.


Sold out at an altar of “Unity"

Just saw this on this forum, published by John Lee, some Malaysian guy. His parents are migrating to somewhere else because the government have not gave residentship to his mother for 12 years:"It’s easy to mock people like us for saying things like ‘I will never die for this country’; it’s hard to accept that this country has never given people like us a reason to die for it. When my family migrates to New Zealand, they will not be looking back wistfully; they will be looking forward to a future where my mother is not forever in legal jeopardy, forever at risk of separation from us. The last thing on their minds will be a country obsessed with small minded people obsessed with worshipping its keris-waving heroes while ignoring the countless non-Malays who gave their lives in apparent vain for a country which will not recognize the ideal behind their sacrifice.”Well, nothing much to say lah, huh. The policy-makers should be thinking for themselves why they are experiencing brain-…

Ecstasy of Narcissism

"This is the way the world ends. Not with a bang but a whimper"——T. S. EliotWent to Muzium Diraja in JB today. Haven’t been there for a long time, since Sec 3. Nothing much really changed. The place was still as grand, beautiful, and yeah I guess the Sultan moved out of his palace to Pasir Pelangi is because he don’t wanna see the smoke at Senoko and Sembawang anymore.I never ate outside, because I thought it was unsafe. Thanks to my buddy, CG (center of gravity) we decided to patronise this Chinese restaurant which was pretty clean and had this “ancient” 古早 feel. The uncle was very very nice to us, and the auntie was actually one of the staff at the Poolside Cafe in Hwachong. What a small world. Too bad the uncle declined to take pictures with us, but hahaha I still got him here (the big man on the left):Then go City Square. For shopping lah. They got great clothes man. Look at my shirt lor.Ok. I love JB. It feels to good to have money too. Yay. Anyway, I would to request f…


そよ風が告げる春の訪れ咲き乱れる花の香りに遠い君を思う春の陽に見守られて花が咲くようにいつかは希望の陽が照らすでしょうそれぞれにそれぞれの決めた道を歩きいつの日か微笑んでまた会えるその時まで黄昏が告げる秋の訪れ移り行く紅の空に遠い日々を思う秋の陽に見守られて実り成るようにいつかは君の夢も叶うでしょうあの日交わした約束僕らが描いてた未来はどんな色に染まるのでしょうResearching my thesis again. Just realised that all those China kids haven’t started AT ALL. I must finish mine swee swee and beat them. HAHAHA finally got chance to own them liao. Demographics is quite interesting actually. Too bad stupid Maris Stella didn’t allow me to take humanities. Wasted lah… But if I went to Humans class that confirm I won’t make it to NJ le… Probably some noob shit course in some random Poly lah. I still remember my Lukang 鹿港 天后宫 in Changhua County.Yeah this is the place where I replaced my LOST CLOTHES on the mountains in Cingjing, Nantou County. Can never forget what I have done there. Stupid things with K&L&M in the hotels. Cool shits, guys. 三民主义万岁。

Assistant treasurer

Yeah today is our Biennial General Meeting at Turf City! Shiok yo! Paintball was so fun, but the pain is otro-bazooka-cious (whatever is that).And yeah guys, tomorrow I shall be around JB, you anything just give me a call right! Starhub signal available di sana.

TAIWAN TAIWAN TAIWAN. Suddenly you suck.

Any idea what this is? I was drawing a map of Taiwan with all its 319 townships. Because I needed a blank map for colour-coding the demographics of Taiwan, but all the maps I can get on the net are filled with colors, and words, or dots, whatever. And if you think drawing such shit is cool, then look at this: (click to enlarge)You can see lah, it’s only half done. And actually the map not very accurate. Go compare it with wiki.Since color coding is so fun, I did another one last night when my roommate is using the Internet:Those in blue are the daerahs that I have been to in Johor. Those in yellow are those that I have never been to yet. People sad lah, never go KL before… Furthest I went was Seremban and Bahau in Negeri Sembilan, all those are small small kampungs and cozy little towns lah. I don’t like big fanciful places.

Outrage (initially was それぞれに)

Damn early morning seven o’clock only got Fire Alarm. Can’t the stupid hostel management do something about it? And then there is blackout. Damn it.Watched “Duplicity” with Wayne and Raja and dinner with Yihfang joining us. Quite a nice film, some parts were a little boring though. It’s about this two spies who are on espionage duty and in the end realised that they were fooled by some random lotion. Or maybe cream. There is a different between the two.People tell me Roberts is hot. OK lah. For her age, actually can lah. But she look like Sharon Phua in heels in the movie.I got my 海角七号 DVD set and Piano solo already!!! I am so thrilled and elated. WOW. There is this 海角七号 doorsign, the seven letters, the DVD, some stamps, a Korean film festival poster and that wooden box in the movie. Damn worth it for that price. After all, we paid for its flight ticket, didn't we?海角七号 was such a great movie. It was simple, no graphics and the tzai stuff in Transformers or Wolverine (which I think…

It’s Rambutan Season.

Yay. I climbed the rambutan tree today. Red juicy hairy rambutans staring at me. How they wish I can eat them. So I climb with Henry William and pluck a few to try lor. The rest not ripe yet. Now I have something to do when I am bored le. Maybe I can even start selling rambutans.Today’s Physics was HMMMM……. After all, I ponned. Haha. As for China, I was so sleepy lor. The questions weren’t difficult, but were really sleep inducing. Like this:与其包容民工子弟,不如严格实行户籍制度,才能更有效解决流动人口问题。你在多大程度上同意这个说法?有时事评论家论断“中美关系是中国外交的核心问题,只要处理好中美问题,中国的外交就没有问题了。”试评价上述观点。Sians. Now exams are over. I suddenly feel lost.

Kimia fever.

Wow. Today’s chemistry was awesome. First time in my JC life I felt so shiok. Damn. I actually attempted every single question.Physics boleh pergi mati. I shall focus on China Studies. I don’t wanna get last in class for this subject again.

Oh saya lupa.

Oh I forgot. I was supposed to talk about how I feel about the Common Tests (in which I FORGOT. ZZZZZ). GP easy breeze lah. Did Question 7: How far does physical features like size or position affect a country’s ability to handle its security issues?Quite simple lah. After all, what can you expect from me? A7 class student leh. And I SHARE THE EXAM CLASSROOM WITH A2. Curly Hair lady’s class. WTH. But never mind lah. I just spam all the stuff that know from Lianhe Zaobao lor, ranging from Myanmar drugs to Pakistan terrorists to sinking islands of Micronesia and the legendary North Korea in their expedition to destroy the Imperialist America. Then spent some time doing my stupid China Studies thesis outline. One piece of good news: YAY I am the ONLY ONE who did the thesis. Really. Bad news: MY CHINESE SUCKS. FULL OF GRAMMAR ERROR AND LIMITED VOCAB. I SHOULD KILL MYSELF WHILE BLINDFOLDED because I have no face to see my ah-kongs down there at Basement 18.Yeah then compre. Finished in 30 …

Tighten up.

Never so chiong for chemistry in my whole life. I seriously don’t understand why I like Chem so much. There is just this weird and bizarre interest in it since Sec 4. But anyway I don’t think I am gonna fail this lah, because I really worked for it. Time is ticking away. These four months shall not be wasted.And good news, my piano exam is not in July. Bad news: no matter what, I still isn’t well-prepared yet. JC life sucks to the core. I am left with so little time everyday lor.And how come today so many people birthday?