Intern 十日新人 ​

Just ended a 10-day (actually it’s 11 but whatever, I’m an Arts student so I am assumed to be unable to process numbers beyond 9) internship. It was an amazing process of self-discovery I swear.
Leading a team of interns is nothing like leading a Hall or a student society, because the stakeholders are very different. You’re no longer just responsible to organisational entities but also responsible to tangible successes, which is basically KPIs like profit or manpower. Multi-tasking have reached a new level for myself. Being someone who is extremely haphazard (and messy), leading a team while staying focused on track on what I am supposed to do already as a financial advisor is pretty challenging. 革命尚未成功,林北仍需努力。非常努力。
Being friends and co-workers at the same time brings your relationship to a whole new level. I guess one of the biggest realisation for myself is my lack of patience. I guess the past few years in Hall has…

replacement yg diperlukan

Looking back, I wrote this piece two years ago:
The fact is, after another two years of life and into the workforce, my reply to that will be: Don’t Waste Time Lah.无论自己又多么喜欢,都应以个人福祉为前提。
So do you let go?长痛不如短痛,你说呢?
At the same time, if someone that treats you seriously comes along, what would you do? Evaluate her existence in your life, won’t you?当“喜欢”升华为“爱”的时候,自然有一个“被爱”的或“被喜欢”的人被割爱。这没有谁先谁后的问题,只有谁更需要谁的关系。

Pictorial History

Before I talk about other things in life (sorry other things have to make way first), TA DAH THESE ARE MY GRADUATION SHOOT PHOTOS!

Come on, it's six years, what do you expect.

This post will be a very graphic journey of my past few years, which I have to put a full stop to and move on. It's time to make ends meet, if not I may end up not having enough income to buy LiHo.
YES so I brought le bae Pearl to do photoshoot for me all over the island—it must have been really tiring for her to drag that heavy camera around in this extremely hot weather. 
Thanks bae, you’re the best.

These places hold very special meaning to me in my formative years. Oh wait, am I allowed to use the word “formative” still? 这样老了 probably not right? Ok whatever, my point is these locations are important to me because I can never be who I am today without being there at some point in my life. I hope you get what I mean, because I think there is …

permulaan keakhiran. semuanya.


Genggam bara api, biar sampai jadi arang?

Harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi? That sucks man.
Jadi saya mesti menjadi lebih berjaya daripada dia sebab saya harus membuktikan bahawa kehidupan saya bergerak maju tanpa dia. Ya sekarang itulah motivasi saya.
Salty? Not really. Inilah keinginan yang keras. Semangat yang kuat. Dimotivasikan oleh you. Hurhur.



Oh and one more thing. Remember I always tell people not to judge?
She sinned, you talked bad about her, you criticized her, you judged her, you insulted her, but she prayed and asked Allah (swt) to forgive her, she repented for her sins, now she became better than you. Be careful who you are insulting and slandering.…

Illeism, a stylistic device

Suddenly some late night musing after drinking a jar of beer at the hawkers. As you might know, I am someone who acts on emotions, not really by rationality. I guess your O Level Biology is right—alcohol is a depressant.Before I begin on this short and impromptu post, I must say, I am not reminiscing my university days. I can’t wait to leave this place in the past 6 months and am glad to do so. So don’t bother asking the next time you see me.These six years has made me a stronger person, much stronger than I thought I would have been in 2012. I don’t think many would have been through the same kind of nonsense that I did these six years. Well of course, 家家都有难念的经, it is not fair to compare circumstances (because I truly believe that God is fair and omnipotent), but if you were in my shoes, you probably would want to get out of that pair of shoes and go FML.Maintaining social expectations wasn’t easy.
Pursuing economically impracticable interests wasn’t easy.
Making ends meet wasn’t easy.


Back from Moscow.

I don’t see why people like to say “I don’t wanna go home!”?
Tak nak balik, tukar pasport lah. LOL.

Russia has always been a mysterious place simply because IT IS SO FAR AWAY and so little-known.
I mean, what do we know about Russia?
1. Largest country by area.
2. Used to be communist.
3. The President is called Putin.
4. Don’t like America. I think that’s about it. Before coming here I don’t know a single Russian football player at all.

This trip took place because I won a lucky draw by Maybank and VISA. Maybe I spent too much on their card? I don’t know. But apparently VISA is my sugar daddy during this trip—everything was taken care of.

First they gave us free US$225 for no reason.
Then a lunch card worth 4500 rubles for no reason.
Then free Metro card.
Three free pints of beer per day.
Free jacket.
Free match tickets.
Free vodka souvenirs.
Free travelling pouch.
Free museum tickets.
Free laptop bag.
Free snacks daily.


1. World Cup

So the W…