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Just to share a bit about what I am going to involve into later at 3am.
Basically it will be as crazy as what I had been through in April.

Recapping what I wrote in April:

Yeah. But this time round I'm part of the conducting team.
Reversal in roles, another opportunity to learn about some great ideals in life.

Let's see how it goes later.
ORD LOH?Not so soon...


There's this plant commonly found in China and Japan, called Manjusaka 曼珠沙華and it comes with two colors, Red and White.

What's unique about this plant is that if it blooms flowers, there will be no leaves. If it grows leaves, there will no flowers. How sad it must be, for the flower never meets her leaves!

叶落花开,花落叶发,永不相见。 Awww.


Keeping Diaries is a good way to clear the thoughts.
After all, I'm the kind that do not like to share the not-so-happy stuff.

I'm working on my 2nd Post now, Emerald Hill. Hopefully I can finish them by tonight to publish it to the world.
The Title of the Post will be same as this. Taken from Mr. 赵嘏's 《翡翠岩》.

[2322hrs: The post is COMPLETE. 翡翠山上半日闲。支持一下啦。]


It's time to pick things up and continue.
Where is that work enthusiasm you've always had, Third Sergeant Yang?


The men brought PS3 in to have fun.
This Marvel vs Capcom game is pretty awesome.

Button anyhow click can already:

By the way, Chun-Li quite hot.

Ghost Laughs

Horror films can be not horrifying at all, even if you watch them at 11pm.

I don't like horror films because I think their effects are damn stupid, it's just long hair, white face, you turn around and see them and scream.

But this HOR-medy is good.


My Pink UNIQLO shirt 很好穿.

Spent too much money this week already.

Today is a 14km run at ECP. I'm still a long long long from being ZAI.
Gotta try harder.

See you guys at Sentosa this Sunday. With red braces?

眼は神 L'œil est Dieu

Alright, I've got what I wanted. Good job. Stay focused.

This is sunburn is hurting but there's nothing much I can do about it.

PTE Dog-egg


Went to Sentosa to sun myself yesterday. Talking about sunning, in ancient China it was believed that the 6th of the 6th Month 六月初六 is the sunniest day of the year and everyone, including the Emperor, will sun their barang-barangs on this day.

Okay so I was sunning myself. And I look like lobster now. :D

Met some foreigners, because they shared my umbrella. There was this particular Pakistani guy who hates America and loves China.There was this Ukrainian Maths teacher who stays in Bt Batok.And there's this Canadian couple, the husband is a Finn but the wife is a Quebecois. How random the day must be!

And on a side note, a "DAMN" to all the shops who don't sell pants of my size. You know how difficult it is to find a pair of pants below 28". People must be getting fat nowadays. GRRR. Kudos to G2000!


那个人突然不联系你了,很正常,no big deal。




Run like shack in the morning. Argh.
45min for 10km. Sounds like a good start.
Tomorrow is a 16km run though. SIAO.
Damn tiring right?

The 《夜市人生》 (we're watching everyday in the office yo) starting song goes like,
But it's little things like this that make people happy:

SK-II. Unbelievable! (AN-BU-RI-FU-BU~~~)

where the gun points left

Hmm. A little updates here.

Sunday. I went to attend the POP parade of then-REC Zikai. Of course I met a lot of others around as well. Oh well. High Profile hor, took me more than an hour just from one end to the other because every few steps there will be someone shouting my name.

But I ain't complaining. I havent' met them physically for eons. Especially those from Maris Stella. Yeah they are my juniors, and I knew most of them because I was the camp leader for various camps in two years. It's like seeing little kids grow up, haha. They are the type of people where once in a while you wanna meet up with them, not too close yet not too far, and yet can share (or bitch) about all those happy memories together.

Maybe that's how unique relationships are to me? I realise that each and everyone of us treats relationships in different ways. I used to think Facebook was a pretty good concept until they started revealing too much of my privacy that I decide to write more joke…


贡茶 is very nice. At least it tastes healthy.
Never tried Koi before. The queue is just, yee yer. You know I never queue one right.

Can't believe actually got people read my FIRST BLOG POST on Bt. Brown 咖啡山. And someone actually commented. I feel so proud of myself.

Maybe architecture isn't the wrong choice after all?

The Shining Star

月明かり帰り道 指差し繋いだ星は
いつだって変わらず キラキラ瞬いてるね
すれ違いあの時 止まったままの時計は
心の中知らず チクタクまた動き出した
素直になれなくて 閉じ込めていたけど
ひとすじ流れ星 願い託して
抱きしめて消えた shooting star
描いていったのは リスタートライン
曇り空 遥か遠く
迷ってても 何も始まらないの
背中を押してね twinkle star
手を伸ばしても まだ届かないけど
星の海 駆け抜けてく
振り向かない 笑顔の私で行こう

Just attended a wedding last night. Once again proven, Singaporeans are always late to weddings, hahahaha.
Always de lor! A bit frustrating. Luckily I went there with a full stomach filled with camp food.

Which reminded me of the weddings I attended in Taiwan. They are all held in day-time during weekends. I think it's better. Don't have to drag so long mah.

Hualien is a bit the kampung style. So the weddings here is a bit different from those we see here. They have "professional" emcees (kampung kind lah) who crack loads of jokes and sing loads of songs. Mostly in Hokkien by the way.