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兼·坚·being the tough man

Today marks the end of my series of crazy events this summer holidays. I don't really know how to put it, but I am really having mixed feelings about it.

A month-long trip to Israel, a series of orientation camps, Rag and Flag, and external commitments have gnawed up my life. I have simply no time left for all my friends, family and my loved one; at some point of time I was really about to break down.

It wasn't about my lack of ability. It was the problem of not having enough time for everything. It seemed that everything I did this holidays was diluted work--a cup of Milo Dinosaur becoming 5 cups of Milo with half a cup of ice.

I don't really regret my decisions, but for once if I were given the choice to choose again, I wouldn't have taken up so many diiferent commitments. I feel very passionate indeed, but now to think of it, it was actually very selfish of me to do so. While I get the "fun" and "kick" of occupying so many different posts, I pas…