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xde perbezaan

Life can be better without you yo.

我 只想要一個人安安穩穩過生活

Submission at 2pm, now it's 3am.
11 hours, 800 words with footnotes.
Chao ahbeng says No Fear!

Okay back to work!

Perseverence Estate

Perseverence Estate is a plantation somewhere around Geylang to Ubi area today, and they grew lemon grass (aka citronella), owned by the Alsagoff family.
Okay whatever, not very important haha.
I’ve been going on into late nights almost every night for the past month, it really isn’t easy trying to manage so many things, from family to school to Hall to work to grassroots to a lot more stuff. When I look back decades later I would probably kneel down and cry and be in awe at what I have been doing.There are bound to be setbacks to whatever we do in life. Contrary to popular belief, I also have times where I feel dejected, where I need encouragement. It is not easy to keep that positive outlook all the time (as much as I like to whine and stuff, I aim to change the things I don’t like and that’s why I never ever whine about things that can’t be changed, like the weather).In 1998 (I was Primary 2, what an old man indeed!) I watched this film at home called Money No Enough 《钱不够用》 . I remem…


Still trying to come to terms with myself, which is honestly a very difficult job.
In this life I have let so many people down, I think there is no motivation for me to go anywhere else.
I cannot forget the things that I want to, yet I cannot keep those that I yearn.


Perhaps I am not as good as what you guys think, after all.
I'm also human.