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Chu Chu

This song is called Chu Chu by moumoon, and it's damn cute. Just look at her luscious lips!

Okay. This post isn't about a girl with cute pink lips.
It's about taking trains.

I always liked buses and trains since young. I can always remember which bus goes where and recall all the stations along a train line etc. Just a living street directory and bus guide.

But I've never had a serious trip on the train proper, like 火车 instead of 地铁 or 捷運. I did travel from Xi'an to Beijing when I was 6. Or was it Guangzhou instead? See, I can't even remember.

So I was in Taipei, and decided to go Tainan with my travel-pal Pak Chuen.
First, you need to take the MRT to Taipei Main Station 台北車站.

台北車站 is unique because it is a three-in-one station: the High Speed Railway 高鐵, the MRT 捷運, and the Taiwan Railway 台鐵.

So we moved on to the High Speed Railway (HSR) platform.
The advertisements are all very cute! 

The HSR Stations are all very high-tech... They all come with Wi-fi and …

headless fly

人間の心の中に闇があります。 人間の正体と真意は不明です。 人間は闇を恐れます、だから、炎で隅を燃やします。

If you keep thinking about unhappy things, you'll always be unhappy.
Give optimism a try, you might like it and be addicted to it!

Standard & Poor

自己已经听出了一点端倪,但是还是给了他那个Benefit of Doubt


他就说道:“小时候很多人都梦想有大房子,很有势咧!”“很多人都梦想有辆跑车,很有势咧!”“大家梦寐以求的工作,就是翘脚慢活却又能赚大钱!”“你要用一辆mercedes追美眉,还是用一辆哦普普通通的Nissan Sunny?”
我也真的没有这种爱慕虚荣的心态。Being Attention-seeking is one thing, Vanity is another.

[29/12/11: Oh, now got this new concept... The boss will personally come down to "guide" and "nurture" 10~30 new talents but this is only limited period of time... It's a great opportunity not to be missed! 老板亲自指导喔……!

I don't really care if your boss 指导 or not. In fact he should, since all you guys are rolling money in for him. He is the greatest 金主, who doesn't need to do much and wait for money to be generated based on commissions...]

当然啦,它的前提context是我得有一点点钱。But then again, Architect哪里会赚不到钱的……?


I have cui English, and I often break English words into components like the way Chinese words break up into characters. :D

Hasn't been able to catch up with blogging lately. Too busy in the barracks I guess. In case you guys don't know yet I've FORMALLY extended my service for my nation (at the request of my boss, of course) so very soon I'll be a THIRD YEARSOLDIER hohohoho. The pay is still the meagre sum, I'm doing this solely for my boss because he has been nice to me so far. Of course I could have F-ed off and just leave the force, but not a very nice thing to do lah huh. I've always tried to be nice even though I behave otherwise. Hahaha.

So yesterday actually I went to watch 那些年 again with Weesiang. Poor fella no one to watch with ah? Okay lah this movie is better watched with people with the same gender. And same maturity as well. 有些许黄色镜头哦,呵呵呵。

Watching a movie twice is no big deal, I've watched 海角七号 seven times and I'm still proud of it. 电影就跟故事…

Those years

Went to watch 那些年 with Dian Feng and Zhihao. 电影在台湾放映的时候就已经听说它有多么多么好看,没想到在这里想找几个人来看还这么难。中文片有那么难看吗,还是因为看不懂……?

Anyway电影人物的诠释挺好的,个个都很生动,配角跟主角的互动关系很生动,真得很像我们以前在学校里读书那样。哈哈 只是以前我们可不敢这么顽皮哦。