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Intern 十日新人 ​

Just ended a 10-day (actually it’s 11 but whatever, I’m an Arts student so I am assumed to be unable to process numbers beyond 9) internship. It was an amazing process of self-discovery I swear.
Leading a team of interns is nothing like leading a Hall or a student society, because the stakeholders are very different. You’re no longer just responsible to organisational entities but also responsible to tangible successes, which is basically KPIs like profit or manpower. Multi-tasking have reached a new level for myself. Being someone who is extremely haphazard (and messy), leading a team while staying focused on track on what I am supposed to do already as a financial advisor is pretty challenging. 革命尚未成功,林北仍需努力。非常努力。
Being friends and co-workers at the same time brings your relationship to a whole new level. I guess one of the biggest realisation for myself is my lack of patience. I guess the past few years in Hall has…