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Tempat Larangan

Everything is so confusing! Gosh I seriously have no idea what I am doing.
I think I should take my time and let nature its cause; because the more hopes you have, the more disappointments you are gonna get.

Saya nak majukan hubungan kami. Tapi saya tak mahu awak berfikir kemajuan ini cepat. Saya harap awak gembira. Saya menikmati perasaan apabila kami bersama-sama. Argh shit I got crappy Malay here, haha.

And I am addicted to Hokkien songs. Yeah yeah I know, it sucks. But I don’t see why people can listen to Elton John and ABBA and say it is very nice, but say that contemporary Hokkien songs suck. This is so hypocritical lor. Just like people who say that doggies are cute so you shouldn’t eat dog meat; chicken not cute meh, goat not cute meh, fish not cute meh?

I wanna go Taiwan at the end of the year. Why? Because only Dali-peeps are on the same frequency as me. NJ is SO BORING. Only Dali-peeps and sit together tallk cock and play and eat and make merry and get crazy. Th…

Empat Kosong

We play a game of Taboo:What did the 小娘惹 fall into? Ans: WELL.I bet most NJCians don’t know the answer because they spend their time at home mugging. No life at all. That’s why I seldom go out with NJ people because it is boring. I rather spend time myself doing shopping.

Anyway today mood damn good! Very very good! So I reached home at about 3.30, which was DAMN DAMN EARLY (considering my usual reach-home time and the distance required). So I decided to go for a small jog. Little did I realise that this jog is damn small. Required 5 pages of the street directory:

Brown is forward trip, Green is backward trip. Ran all the down to Bedok Food Centre. Very thirsty so needa’ buy a drink. Then went on to TJ. But before reaching TJ I saw this very very small building. Looks very common, like a CC or a Town Council. Guess what it is:

Nope not a mall.
Nope not a Tuition Centre.

It is actually PAP headquarters. Damn surprising right. it is so damn ulu and small that no one will think…

Dali Dali Love~~

Dali rocks rocks rocks! Miss Taiwan~~~

NJ life just sucks. If only NJCians can behave 1% the way Dali-ers do…. NJ will then have so much fun!We don’t go to school merely for the sake of studying.

Anyway, dear Dali-ers, whatever I said about my personal life during today’s outing, I hope no one else knows about it. Can I get you guys’ promise? Many Many Thanks Appreciated!! Dun forfeit my trust ok

Jolin Jolin You killed my Money!

Die Die Die. $100 saya dihabiskan. Next week can go eat shit already.
Why? ‘Cos I saw Jolin Tsai’s new album, 《花蝴蝶》!!! Cannot resist the temptation to buy…

Nothing much to say, but I would strongly encourage everyone to buy!!!
I like the foreword especially:


敢做敢為, 活的繽紛,堅持勇敢做自己,不畏懼別人的眼光,有一天你我他都可以變成美麗的花蝴蝶,飛舞翩翩!」Sounds damn cheem right. I like her attitude to learn and tahan-ing through all the difficult dance steps. Gosh I am starting to behave like a hardcore fan…

And so. No more money left for the week. Shall see what I am gonna do for the Dali outing tomorrow. Shall be screwed big time with Miss Horny and Mingy and the rest.

Ching Chang Chong

I am Chinaman!

Haha by law of the Rep. of Singapore, I am indeed a Chinaman. I need to take the whatever Oath of Renunciation, Allegiance and Loyalty when I turn 21 to OFFICIALLY become S’porean.

But I obviously I am behaving like perfectly Singaporean. I only use the Singapore passport. I never ever touch the China one, ‘cos it is pretty useless as everywhere in the world requires a visa for Chinese nationals. Which is quite pathetic lah, but considering the vast population they have, it is quite hard to control China visitors, whether they are from Tibet or Beijing or some ulu ulu township of "Alashan Left Banner” (such a place actually exists).

Will be very very happy to serve the nation.

Drink, Drank, Drunk

Went to the Bt Timah pub. Drink with DJL.

Argh my “drinking-power” downgraded from last time. One jug shared among two; cannot tahan already. And walking zig-zag along the road. Very tired.

Today school was fun though. GP rocks big time. Anyway, saw Peiyi today on train, randomly. Shall go for our Dali outing on Sunday.

Carlsberg is good:

Valueless Values

Malaysian stuff is damn cheap. JB stuff is actually one of the most expensive in the peninsula, but when compared to the very very strong S$, it is very very cheap lah. This is what you can buy with $20:

Quite worth it lah. I like the instant noodles especially. RM6.99 for a pack of 6. Damn shiok. This is obviously not the first time I went JB lah (in fact the 33rd), but this is definitely the trip with the most promotions. Shall wait for the Jun Mega Sale to come.

I normally don’t bring my camera there. Thought the recent “Pilihanraya Kecil”s would lead to exciting street protests or some saga on the streets of JB. Haha I am damn wrong. I am shopping at a place with three buildings situated only a few streets away: Wisma UMNO, Wisma MCA, Wisma MIC. How can one expect anything exciting?!

All this new “trophies” will satisfy my stomach for the rest of this not-very-exciting fortnight. My mum left me an ATM card of only $100. 3 people in the house. 15 days. How to survive? No choice lah…

Lost, not yet found.

I feel lost. I turned nostalgic suddenly and began to ponder about many things over and over again.

Was it my fault in the first place? I don’t get it at all. The situation isn’t under my control. The world is no longer in my hands like it used to be. Or maybe it does, but made unknown to me.

How long more must I hesitate, and how much more effort should I add in? Saya tidak tahu. All I know is that I will let everything continue the way it is now.

Lautan mana tidak berombak, bumi mana tak ditimpa hujan? Sooner or later the truth shall be revealed, though I don’t have the guts to face it. I hope I am not standing at the wrong side of the mirror.

The Economist

Hurray! I got 27 for compre, out of 50. Ok lah, just scraped a pass, but guess this is a good start considering the LOW LOW standard of my Inggeris. And without attempting AQ. I don’t think I deserved this lah, looking at BRA who got almost half my marks and JKE who is slightly higher than him. Not too happy with the results. If everyone got the same marks I would have been happier and not so “guilty”.

So I finished many many work during the holidays, except Maths. Complex number really damn complex lah, tak faham… Serve me right for skipping lectures. But nevertheless I shall carry on skipping because it is beneficial to me in terms of health and mentality. I can always assume that teacher never teach, haha.

Chillin’ season RESUMES TONIGHT (if you understand what I mean). More Singapore River tours and probably JB trips expected. Time to elucidate my money-spending ability. Like JKE said, I am the NEGATIVE INDUCTIVE EFFECT. So… ya I guess everyone should keep a distance from me thes…

the Show Girl

Now addicted to this “Show Girl” song by Koda Kumi. Ya lah I know she damn horny lah… Nobody ask you to see the lyrics and watch the MV mah… Just pretend you tak faham everything and just listen lor.

Chia lat just realised that the hostel no piano. DIE. Grade 8 coming in July/August and I am still so stuck. How?! I have no idea too.

Quantum Physics is really very very cool. A rather simple chapter. this proves that I can afford to pon the lectures. Somehow I can study myself by looking at the notes downloaded from the Net and figure out the tutorials myself. Maybe this chapter is really THAT simple lah, ‘cos my brain is PTE LTD.

Hostel in 2 Days time! Woohoo~~~~ Havoc in NJ soon….

Studying Frenzy

Just started on Carboxylic Acids tutorials. A very cool and fresh chapter, as my notes are empty! Somehow found its concepts simple (‘cos I have a cheat-sheet of all the chemical reactions on hand!)

Going to start on Quantum Physics. Hmm. My notes are also empty. Gosh needa continue self-studying.
Lost my GP essay questions again. Sorry Kenneth you need to send me again…

And I am all prepared for Boarding. Heard the internet there sucked. Never mind then I shall mug, mug, mug. Maybe it’s time to settle down, ya?

Anyway NJ is really good at NE. Check this out:


Yeah. I am IN the boarding school! Shall see me in there by next week. Gosh I am so excited! No more 5am wake up call. No more sleeping at 1am. No more PIE jam everyday. No more breakfast-less mornings. No more disgusting home food. No more naggings. No more noises from the damned TV. No more snores at night….. Sigh. I just borrowed 4 Chinese story books for my "cute lil’ brother" (some ignorant kid said so). Nabeh he just gave me the yucks-what-the-heck-is-this face, and when I told him to read out loud he started crying. WTF is this. And he got so many words he cannot read, like 贺 and 研究… Call yourself taking Higher Chinese. Bloody hell and then haolian say English get 90. Ok, English is important, but your Chinese at least do something about it lah… P4 only get 70+, later PSLE fail how? Then no more -2 for O lvls! And no more eligible for Bahasa! Wah today traning damn nice. Feel damn shiok. Quite long never train le. Not that tired. But the bus ride home make me damn pisse…

Exile is over.

Tomorrow is the last day of enjoyment. Nothing much left to enjoy already. Went to pub, went to concert, went to Boon Lay, went to Sentosa. Enough already. Tomorrow laobu is gonna come back.

Bad omen suddenly. I feel that there will confirm be some argument and saga over some money issue. No choice lah, this naughty boy here spends money like nobody’s business. Can actually be stupid enough to spend $73 on a stupid soundtrack. Should have heeded to someone’s advice. Damnation.

I was looking through my photos as I needa back-up them, in case my laptop catches fire, like the previous one. My Beijing trip was enriching yet disappointing due to the man-made disappearance of my handphone. Taiwan was damn fun and I really enjoyed the culture there. Singapore is too stringent over many things, especially when it comes to building or maintaining relationships (nothing political here).

Singapore is really gonna hold elections soon?! I see news about it everywhere on the papers. If that’s true…

Rudeness—Time to change?

Aiyah today a bit the very ah-beng-like and very loud lah. Exceptionally loud today. I wonder why. Shall not be like this tomorrow.

Long-distance Bus

Today another tired day. Took a bus that was so so so damn long. I suddenly realise that I live so far from school that I take buses that go on the expressway everyday. PIE is the usual. Well Singapore isn’t that big, but still, it is damn far and I always fall asleep on the bus. From Simei all the way to Toa Payoh, then from Toa Payoh to NJ. The same for the damned return trip. Sucks to be in NJ right?

I know myself.

Just saw this thing on Pearlyn’s blog. Thought it was interesting. So I had a try:

Your view on yourself:
You are down-to-earth and people like you because you are so straightforward. You are an efficient problem solver because you will listen to both sides of an argument before making a decision that usually appeals to both parties. SOUNDS LIKE A GOOD LAWYER TO ME. The type of girlfriend/boyfriend you are looking for:
You like serious, smart and determined people. You don’t judge a book by its cover, so good-looking people aren’t necessarily your style. This makes you an attractive person in many people’s eyes. SO MY WIFE NOT HOT BABE?!?!
Your readiness to commit to a relationship:
You are ready to commit as soon as you meet the right person. And you believe you will pretty much know as soon as you might that person. EVEREADY.
The seriousness of your love:
Your have very sensible tactics when approaching the opposi…

Shacked Day.

A very tired. day. I think I am gonna fall sick soon. Today’s tournament was like crap. Real crap. Was not on form at all. Make a hell lot of silly mistakes. I should bang my head on the wall. Damn it just sucked, GRRR… Just now Vidhya asked about GP test and expressed her greatest concern. Relax lah, brudder. Only test test nia… And you will win us all lor… The back row always talking Hokkien, ask stupid questions or sleep, so you should be fine lah. Hahaha don’t mug too hard till you fall sick. I think people should fall sick for the right reasons (like waiting for his/her love under rain) and not because they study too much. That really sucks man—brudder, life is short, so you must make the fullest purpose out of it! Need loads of sleep. But got a lot of stuff to do. First must take a look at this Puo Nen report and prepare what to say. Then pack my bag. Then…. Ok that isn’t a lot, but I will take quite some time doing this. No choice, stupid people has stupid brains. Like mine. Gotta …

Jungle Spirits

First time I encountered fear when doing “expeditions”. Today’s heavy rain did not douse my passion in going to Sentosa. But of course made today’s journey more sian than expected.

Very few people in Sentosa today. I am the only one swimming in the warm sea today. And yes the sea is much warmer than the air today. The sea breeze today is really cold and it feels much more comfortable in the sea!

Laxing… The feeling of dousing your entire body and face in the sea is SO COMFORTABLE and SENANG. No homework, no crap, no saikang, no nagging. I have the entire time and world to myself. Shiok!

Then I went into the woods to check it out. Kinda lost my way there, because there were constructions going on and many paths are actually blocked. And there were sign boards saying that “We are Sprucing Up this place to serve you better”. What the heck does SPRUCE UP mean?! Biased against Singaporeans with shit english is it?

But I was kinda afraid lah, to be frank. At 7pm and the sky being so dark, t…

Relax, Relax

Singapore is beautiful. Its sunrise, its sunset, its rivers, its hills…

Been chillin’ these few days. Procrastinating, rather. Ever since my mum left Singapore I have no mood to study at all I just wanna enjoy these hard-to-get two weeks before she returns! Hmm maybe that’s what happens when you are under authoritarian rule. But it’s okay, as in I am not really having a tiff with my parents or anything.

Went to Vivocity to mug yesterday. Then I saw Xueyuan there. So we did some gossip-sharing I guess? That caused me not to be in the mood of mugging again. So after she left, I left Starbucks too and went exploring Club Street and Ang Siang Hill. Lotta babes there, not my type though…

By the way White Chocolate Frappe (as Xueyuan calls it) is damn nice. I just tried it at Starbucks near my house and it tastes SUPERB! Thanks brother for recommending such good stuff for me. Normally I go Starbucks to drink tea (!!!) but from now on I will order this frappe thingy.

Tomorrow seems to Mr Lo…